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    [Gundabad Raid Set] Call to Greatness needs a serious rework (and Song of Aid too)

    As some of the raid sets appeared in the item scanner during the last BR, I wanted to call out how outdated Call to Greatness is before it makes it to live - and maybe raid wide? For reference:

    Classes that this buff is fine: Captain, Hunter, Warden, Minstrel
    Classes that this buff is okay, but eh: Beorning, Burglar, Lore-Master, Brawler
    Classes that this buff is terrible: Rune-Keeper, Champion, Guardian

    For Beorning, as other classes get direct damage to their builder or battle-consuming mechanics (Focus/Fervour) Beorning should just get the same direct bonuses. The issue with Herten and Biting Edge is that they're both man-form skills. Totally worthless at a point in your rotation where you might not benefit from Hearten/Biting Edge. Recommendations include: direct Wrath bonus, making Slash OGH buff or DoT longer/instant stack, increased bleed pulses, proc ferocious roar buff (either DPS or Heal)

    For Burglar, the damage bonus is nice, but surprise strike CD has generally no effect on rotation in either yellow or red. Having Surprise Strike on a lower CD doesn't make the skill worth using outside of Fient Attack buff. Recommendations include: Tricks have a shorter CD, bleed pulses extension,

    For LM, there isn't really much use case anymore for the blinding flash CD as there's not content that requires that dynamic level of CC. Recommendations include: Resets CD of Ancient Master, Wind Lore has a reducded CD, Water Lore puleses/CD.

    In terms of Rune-Keeper, Champion, Guardian, these bonuses are just terrible. Steady Hands is rarely used by Rune Keeper. Something like Ceaseless CD, Fire Ridicule CD, and Mending Verse CD reductions would be much better. The guardian one doesn't even work AFAIK and Champion should probably get a small damage boost to match hunter, burglar and warden.

    A lot of these could be solved if you considered merging Song of Aid and Call to Greatness together. Song of Aid is even more outdated and there are a number of good bonuses here that would even out CTG's usage.

    I will add that although some of these are outdated, there are a few that are good - Hunter for example. But most of these are pretty terrible. Would be great to see them work as well. Not to mention that this skill takes the mini out of the fight for ~10s. The bonuses should reflect removing a member of your fellowship/raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunter4215 View Post
    As some of the raid sets appeared in the item scanner during the last BR, I wanted to call out how outdated Call to Greatness is before it makes it to live - and maybe raid wide? For reference:

    We're going to get a lot of physical mastery though, if they don't change this....

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    I've made another post analyzing the opportunities for change in yellow line mini, and totally agree with you---merging the two skills would be brilliant, especially if it removed the channeling duration. Either that or as you say, it should provide a benefit at least on par with being absent from the fellowship for ten seconds.

    It would be nice if the benefits provided were more generalized rather than focused towards the current meta, but I can see how that would be a challenge to balance. Here's a few ideas, some of which you've already mentioned. I'll be doing this in mind with the skills being combined, rather than Call to Greatness being buffed. It'd also be nice if these changes didn't necessitate a yellow minstrels in a raid, but rather made them a viable option. If these changes are too strong, the CD of the new skill could be bumped to 3 or even 4 minutes, with some form of CD reduction upon crit or something.

    Beorning: Reduces Call to Wild, Thickened Hide, and Nature's Bond cooldowns. +2 to bleed pulses, +30 Wrath.

    Burglar: Gains a Critical Response. +15% Positional attack damage for 10 seconds, reduces all-in, coup de gras and trickster cooldowns.

    Captain: Gains an Enemy Defeat Response and gains the Battle-readied state every 5 seconds for 10 seconds. Gains an enemy defeat response and resets battle-shout.

    Champion: Gains 4 Fervour initially, then 2 Fervour every 5 seconds for 10 seconds. -5% attack duration and +5% crit rate. Resets true heroics.

    Guardian: Gains a Block Response and a Parry Response every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Challenge recovers 10 seconds faster and lasts for an additional 2 seconds.

    Hunter: Gains the ability to use Improved Focus in-combat for 10 seconds. +10% Ranged Damage, +3 Focus and +2 Focus every 5 seconds (same as both, combined).

    Lore-master: Nature's Fury, The Ancient Master and a Murder of Crows recover 45 seconds faster. Inductions cannot be interrupted for 10 seconds.

    Minstrel: +5% Outgoing Healing and +10% Tactical damage for 10 seconds. Unlocks bolster courage and resets cry of the chorus. (Minstrel already has great heals).

    Rune-Keeper: Ceaseless CD, Fire Ridicule CD, and Mending Verse CD reductions and 10% Tactical damage and Outgoing Healing. Perfect suggestion.

    Warden: +10% Physical Damage for 10 seconds and Masteries recover in 5 seconds. -120s to Never Surrender.



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