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Well, I think there are many people that would disagree.
As i said before... i know i'm in the minority. Just expressing my opinion same as everyone else here.

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There are actually people who like mounted combat and have fun doing something different though. Your statement is highly subjective - to me, mounted combat was fun. Anyway, didn't mean combat. Just as you can run on land to do NPCs chores, gather herbs, meet with NPCs and search for clues or patrol points, same can be done on waters and in hidden coves if there are boats (and sounds to me like something that would fit the Corsair land). Or, imagine a hunt for a treasure according to some map and clues, that lead you toward some island or forgotten, hidden shore. It's more immersive and engaging when you actually control your search and movement, not... take that boat on that shore that teleports you to who-knows-where and you miss all the potential sights along the way from point A to B. And doing it the Everswim way who's got the patience anymore in a zone/zones where main landscape feature is its charming bay, it's 2023 in gaming
But yeah... its all subjective opinion. Mine, yours, evreyones but the devs. So what? Also while the year might be 2023 we're playing a game almost 20 years old, not that was released yesterday...

My point with the mounted combat is, it didn't work for all classes. On Guardian i found it nigh unplayable. I was far more effective off the horse than on it. With hunter and other classes, it was different, still a chore but workable.
For combat purposes, boats would need to work for all classes, not just the offensive/ranged ones.

And without combat, its just cosmetic, and a possible faster swim speed. And while that is still some use... i doubt its of significant use to take focus from elsewhere on the game to add in.

As for exploration purposes and treasure hunts... on tiny islands or what not way off the coast... such things don't need to be way off the coast or places that would require boats. You can do that on land or close enough to land to swim, just like in Forochel Evendim, Breeland and Gondor.