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Yeah I was thinking Bree-land tends to be..... levels 14 - 20 - starting with the Sharkey business on the Greenway and going up to Thornley's Worksite and then down to Adso's Camp, and the Buckland stuff......... Ered Luin and the Shire tend to get you to level 14 thereabouts or so.

It would then make it important, I think, for them to next give an alternative to the Lone-Lands (level 20-30) - given that Trollshaws and Evendim and ND already give some variance for the level 30 - 40 range, and of course, Angmar and Forochel and Misties actually made it quite difficult to get from level 40-45. Mostly, I'd be like using accelerators to get level 43-44 out of Evendim but barely squeezing it to then go to Eregion for slightly over-leveled quests to make up the difference.

The Lone Lands and North Downs both cover Level 20 to Level 35.

So the "alternative" is already there and I'm in the camp of if we don't see all of the Eriador Quest Pack Content aka Epic Quest Volume I given to every Account here in 2022 or 2023, we should at the very least in 2022 have the North Downs be given to every Account.

And folks have given a lot of Feedback that the Eriador area of LOTRO has a lot of Low Level Content especially once we have the Angle here this week with Update 32.

"Filler Region" which I personally am not too keen on Filler Regions as it's akin to Filler in Shows, Anime, etc. It has no true value in the long term, usually only has a small amount of what is happening for it that will be remembered and overall is just a way for the Creator(s) of such to keep something going longer & make more Money before moving to the Main stuff that really bring their Audience.

While the 2 "Filler Regions" we will have serve 1 Main Purpose: Alternatives to Leveling, they both are offering such in 2 different styles and what they offered while being in an area of LOTRO which is Content Heavy in that Level Range. Wildwood offering Missions, Instances that were directly tied into Group Content & Gearing Process but no direct connection to the Main Game & Story being told. The Angle won't offer Missions and offer nothing else of value to the Main Game & Story being told. Sure both have a Story that slots into the World but aren't building toward anything.

Which at least to myself while it's good there are more Alternatives, I think they should be done in a way where they are building from what occurred before them & after them while having a Unique Reason(s) for existing. Don't let such places just being in the Landscape of what used to be something else or filling in a spot where the Main Journey didn't touch on just be a way to expand the Landscape.

Make every bit of New Content in the form of Quest Packs, Mini-Expansions and Expansion serve a connected purpose for furthering this version of Middle-Earth.