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    Out of sight, hopefully. Yes, it is very different and something else entirely, you shouldn't be trying to understand it because as it stands it's not canon.

    This is what happens when you come up with vastly alternate takes on different map. Some people are just confused and looking at things in disbelief, even after reading the "reimagined" word, because it's just that unprecedented. If I didn't know that from this forum and haven't seen Scenario's confirmation/explanation and first time experienced in game... I would probably stare at the screen trying to figure out what's up, not to mention the confusion of Dol Guldur towers in it. Can't remember anything like it from any game/sequal I played. Well, maybe between version 1.0 and 3.0 of a complex mod a change like that would be noticeable But yeah, not good if LOTRO devs turn into outright modders in their approach to the game, it is its own different thing where the rules are : can change entirely any time or modder may just abandon it, not that you pay for it anyway

    PS: Not that it's going to happen but... I would gladly launch it into the skies, gave it a cool point over so it's not overly Angmar and fix some of the tower situation, and then dropped somewhere in Nurn for later use Or for Angmar Besieged map and the tale of the Witch King's defeat, though some narrow mountain passes would still need to be added to reflect OG terrain. But if that's pristine version and shares some of the layout, then I could see how some of these city district collapsed/were destroyed by water leakage after whatever destruction the good guys brought to it which would result in a more watery legacy version.
    Yeah it's weird. Although superior in everyway to the old one just by seeing the map it still makes no sense the old one is not changed. Could be something like Barad Gúlaran which was also a fortress of the Witch-King. I would have just called it different and said it is on the west side of Carn Dûm and made accesible as lvl 55 zone, but that probably is not happening.

    Something like this could work. Just make it lay a bit in a valley with Bail Avarc being like a viewpoint both ways. Make it like the real fortress of the Witch-king with Carn Dûm being more of the city of the enemy and his castle being mostly a lair while in war he goes to Galadhon.

    The rivers could flow like this into Imlad Balchorth. And you can make it accesible from Dûn Covád in the south. Bail Avarc in the 50 zone could be an orc camp or something that has been overrun already, just not inhabited yet.
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