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Yes, hopefully!

Regarding filling-the-gaps and upcoming housing area... Scenario, is it in the cards to allow access to a certain previously inaccessible space of a certain race? From the North, with the neighborhood connected to that place? Would have been pretty neat, if that was feasible. Especially that the functional, traversable space introduced by housing makes this Northern direction sound like a more natural, more comfortable approach to that place vs the Southern one which was originally intended. (Although, if that space was made available on open landscape, would be nice to have it wholly connected to the larger world, so with a functional path to the South too).

PS: Not gonna spoil... but is easy to figure out now and the prepped terrain was there for a long time, I think

Ehem! Which is that mysterious place?

On the other hand, has anybody tried the last Bullroarer rounds to check if there's a peek landmass of Update 36 new additions available?