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Thread: Funniest part

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    Funniest part

    What part of the books give you a good chuckle? I mean the actual literature, not the films.

    For me, it's Frodo leaving the dirty dishes for Lobelia to clean as he heads out of Bag End. I literally laugh every time I read that part. It' so domesticated with all the events going on.
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    That's one of my favorite moments, too! I also enjoy "She took the point immediately- but she also took the spoons." Really all of Bilbo's farewell gifts make me smile. Also "It was a compliment- and therefore, not true!"

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    When the Hobbits are leaving Bree, together with Strider, and Bill Ferny the racketeer who is in league with the Nazgul, is standing on the roadside, making a quip; and Sam who had wanted to eat an apple chucks the fruit right into Bill's face, with the comment 'what a waste of a good apple'.

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    The grouping of 144 hobbits into a gross at Bilbo's party. The hobbits weren't quite sure whether the should feel honored to be chosen to be part of the "inner sanctum" of the party, or insulted by being referred to as a "gross".
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    For me, it's the half of the chapter where Merry and Pippin are at Isenguard and greet "The Lords of the West" upon their arrival.



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