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    IXP Runes and craft items

    I have been a bit disconnected for a while. I was able to get my new legendaries in place, but did not find any information on what to do with IXP runes or the craft emblems that I have been saving.
    The Telrunye Clan: Telrunye - 140 Elf Minstrel; Billyblast - 135 Hobbit Minstrel; Mystertel - 121 High Elf Lore Master; Papadir - 119 Hobbit Burglar; Telrunyo - 115 Elf Guardian; and a bunch of crafters

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    https://www.lotro.com/guides/lotro-l...vember-2021-en is the official guide. Down at the bottom, it explains the Reward Track. Essentially what you want to do is use a character that is closest to the minimum level of the heritage rune and use it. For example, using a level 45 heritage rune on a level 140 will only contribute a tiny bit compared to a level 55. Then open up the Reward Track and claim them for the character you want to receive them. Although they ensure that they worked out the bugs, some people who are still paranoid prefer not to use all the heritage runes at once and double check to make sure that they are not mounted.

    The crafted emblems, well, are pretty much junk at this point. People could barter them from the Skirmish Camp for very little at the time. The only ones that are of value are the level 100 ones (those were not obtainable from the camp), which can disenchant for around 75 Ancient Script until the patch. I guess they feel that people should still have them around in case they want a legendary weapon crafted for the cosmetic. Then again, they are changing the Central Gondor deed reward to a new token.



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