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Thread: UI Scaling

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    UI Scaling

    So, I'm kind of blind as bat and like bigger UIs than most games come with by default. I'm trying to avoid going through every element and move/sizing it as much as possible. I've also found a more minimal skin I like here: https://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/info651

    I did the proper xml edits for 1920 x 1080, and it seemed to have worked, but it's really small, as was the default UI. [but not as bad] I've tried UI scaling, but a lot of things don't seem to be moveable. I don't have my heart set on this skin, but since I'm going to probably be adding other plug-ins and such, like a fervor bar, I thought it better to start minimal. Thought I would prod the forums and see what other folks have done. I'm mainly looking for a bigger UI that works "out of the box" if possible.
    1.0 UI Scale

    1.25 UI Scale

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    Is your monitor/tv 4k? That will cause the game to be extra tiny if you have it set to fullscreen-windowed.



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