Hello Arkenstone.

I am planning to host a fashion contest in Lotro. Here are the details in short:

Where: Arkenstone Server. Exact Location still to be decided.

When: 25th of June, 2022. 3pm ET/9pm CEST.

What: Fashion Contest

Prizes: Steam/Amazon Virtual Giftcards. If there is a way to gift store points we switch to that. I am also looking for donators for actual ingame prizes.

Contact: Danaephia (Champion)

The contest will be streamed on my twitch channel and there will be a video as well on youtube. Prizes will be given to the top 3. if we have an excess of donations for the ingame items, we might give also to top 5/10 something. Of course the goal is to have fun. I will still come up with the ruleset of the contest but of course it is a fashion show. There will be eventually a jury or a way for the people watching the contest to vote.

Everyone is welcome to attend the event. For more details, I will post stuff on my discord: https://discord.gg/ymt24Mz on Reddit, ingame and in the Forum.

If you want to compete: please write me ingame either dm or a letter. I will then write down your name. I will need your ingame race and gender as well.

Thanks for reading. And let's see if we get enough people.