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    Success installing under Crossover

    I hesitated a long while before deciding to try Crossover rather than WINE. It's a big decision since Crossover adds yet another cost to my game, but I just wasn't comfortable trying to make WINE work - even with Tralfazz here willing help, as he's done for so many - in the event things didn't go as planned.

    I found these instructions very helpful:

    Quote Originally Posted by Tralfazz View Post
    Install Crossover, create a Windows 10 64-bit bottle, install "DirectX for Modern Games" into the bottle, check your bottle settings, download the Windows installer, use the Crossover INSTALL A WINDOWS APPLICATION tool to install from that executable you just downloaded (NOT the "Crosstie" automated installation method), and especially if you already have a known-good UserPreferences.ini file already in your ~/Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online folder, it should just work. After being sure it works, you can change to the 64-bit client and probably even DirectX 11, and then bump your graphics settings up!


    Download the "PC Download" from here:
    And then, install from that rather than using the automated "Crosstie" method. The Crosstie does work for most people but it sometimes creates the wrong bottle type. Unfortunately, the Crosstie is not under our control, it represents what someone at Codeweavers thinks is best for LOTRO and that someone makes frequent changes and is often wrong. In their defense, they have a huge Crosstie database and can't be expected to have an expert on every single possible Windows application on their payroll.

    [clip] if you have 50gb or more of usable free space available on your boot volume, just install into Crossover. If you are really short on usable free space, get Crossover installed then come back here and say so, then I'll walk you through a method that will allow you to avoid redownloading. I don't recommend this method, I think you should keep your Crossover-LOTRO install completely segregated from your existing CrapyOldVersionOfWINE-LOTRO install; but I'll help you do that if you choose to go that route.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tralfazz View Post
    DirectX for Modern Games is mainly to be sure that DirectX will have the latest components available, some are not included with Crossover's default WINE bottles. The bits installed by DirectX for Modern Games seem to improve compatibility with some Mac graphics hardware, especially when using DirectX 11. It isn't really needed if using the 32-bit LOTRO client but it often makes a difference with the 64-bit LOTRO client – because that's the one that can run DirectX 11.

    For anyone who might read this in the future, here are what your bottle type and bottle settings should look like after you've created your bottle and installed DirectX for Modern Games but before you start installing LOTRO:

    Quote Originally Posted by Tralfazz View Post
    You can recover about 35gb of space by deleting your old "Mac Download" version of the game. Leave it alone a few days, be sure you aren't having any unfixable issues with your Crossover installation (unlikely in the extreme...), then:
    1- Go to ~/Library/Application Support.
    2- Look for the com.standingstonegames.lotro folder.
    3- Drag that folder to the Trash.
    4- Look in your /Applications folder for the lotroclient application. You might have put it somewhere else.
    5- Drag the lotroclient application to the Trash.
    6- Empty the Trash.

    There might also be a couple of extremely minuscule files left over from your original install of the "Mac Download" version of the game:
    The Lord of the Rings Online.desktop
    The Lord of the Rings Online.lnk
    They can also be safely deleted. Even for the old-version-of-WINE version of LOTRO in the "Mac Download" those files did nothing. They are vestigial files that only work in an actual Windows OS. Wine Is Not an Emulator so you didn't and still don't have any version of Windows OS on your Mac. So out they go!
    The install went smoothly, no issues at all. And it went quickly. Even the re-download of LOTRO only took an hour or so, unlike the all-day process the last time I had to re-intall!

    On 64-bit client under Crossover I'm not crashing anymore (not a single crash so far!), the graphics are superb (what fun to use DX11!), I haven't noticed any slow-down in game-play aside from normal (for LOTRO) lag, I can see the reticule under enemy characters again, and finally, it's nice to be done with all the Win dll errors that pop up when starting the SSG Mac launcher.

    I've been playing LOTRO since pre-beta, initially on a Win machine then beta-testing the Mac client when they released that. I got rid of my Win machine long ago, Mac is all I have or care to have. As a lifetime founder I was heart-broken to consider giving up the game after all these years because SSG is withdrawing their Mac launcher. I only hope that new Mac users will still consider playing, even with the added burden of using Crossover or WINE.

    Or perhaps SSG will relent and offer a WINE launcher for Mac users again. There's a big difference between loving the game already and finding a way to continue to play it on a Mac, and wanting to try it and finding that it has become just another game that has to be finagled onto the Mac OS.

    Thank you, Tralfazz, for making these instructions and continually supporting us Mac users when things go awry. SSG really ought to be paying you for your service, it's invaluable.
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    Key Mapping under Crossover LOTRO

    Forgot to add an important difference to be aware of between SSG's Mac launcher and the Win launcher under Crossover, concerning key mapping.

    Under both, the Mac Command key is displayed in LOTRO as Alt. COMMAND (Mac) = ALT (Win). Command+ is displayed in LOTRO as Alt+. As far as I recall, this has always been so.

    Unlike the native Mac LOTRO client, retired some years ago, the current SSG Mac launcher designates the standard Windows key combinations as the Edit keys. Keys like Ctl+C for copy and Ctl+V for paste. When running LOTRO under the SSG Mac launcher, this is true both inside the launcher window and inside the game. Since certain Ctrl+ key combinations are dedicated as Edit keys under Windows, they can't be used (or cause problems) when mapped to LOTRO keys when starting up with the SSG Mac launcher.

    Under Crossover the editing keys work differently. Under Crossover Mac, the dedicated edit keys are the standard Mac editing keys, Command+C, Command+V, etc. rather than the Windows editing keys. So, under Crossover, the Mac editing key combinations can't be used to activate LOTRO commands.

    Since I had mapped many Alt (Command) editing key combinations for LOTRO in-game commands, those keys no longer worked when I installed LOTRO under Crossover. I have had to re-map them to either Control+key combinations or change to an Alt (Command) sequence that wasn't associated with the Mac editing keys.

    I have no idea how WINE sees the editing keys, but it is something to be aware of when changing from the SSG Mac launcher to running LOTRO under Crossover.

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    Thanks for posting up a 1-2-3

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    LOTRO Plugin Compendium

    Has anyone tried to get the LOTRO Plugin Compendium working in the same bottle?



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