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    A little confused about LI class items

    Are class items like the captains emblem still a thing? Because I can't find any place to buy or barter for one, or any way to craft one and yet I still have a class slot. I also cannot find any accurate information online about how to acquire one or it's recipe.

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    If you are wanting to know about the legendary "emblem" that we get, that will be something you would have to obtain at level 45 when you finish the Moria introduction. If you have completed that, then you should be able to barter one from the Archives in Rivendell. There is no use for them anymore by crafting. If you don't know, there was an LI Revamp. Use https://www.lotro.com/guides/lotro-l...vember-2021-en as the official guide, https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Legendary_Items for elaborate details, or the links on the bottom of the wiki for additional information. A very common misconception people run into is that the legendary barterer does not have any class items - she does, but they are located at the end of the list after the weapons.
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