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Thread: Laliapalooza!!

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    Crickhollow's Alternative Rock/Grunge Event returns!

    Laliapalooza will be held on Saturday, September 3rd. Event time Maximum: start @ 3pm server time, end at 2am server time, with the end time being shortened if necessary. 10 hours of music total.

    The "Stage" for the event is the red and white stripped canopy tent outside of Lalia's south entrance, several meters west of the Boar statue, in Bree. Same "stage" as last year.


    Bands that wish to sign up to play should have at least 25 minutes of Alternative Rock/Grunge to play. This means you can play music from any band that is labelled "Alternative" or "Grunge", or any band that has ever played Lalapalooza in real life.

    Set times will start at 30 minutes total. You will have an option to opt-in to a full 1 hour set, if we don't get enough bands total.

    Well can handle 20 bands maximum with 30 min sets, that's 10 hours. If we get 15 bands, then 5 can optionally play for an hour. If we only end up with 10 bands, then everyone who wants can play an hour.


    If there are more than 20 applicants total, I will choose bands that are based on Crickhollow, bands who loudly proclaim Crickhollow as their Home and who play Crickhollow regularly, over visiting or new bands. I will be biased. While we love our visiting bands, we're doing this for Crickets, so Crickets will get preference.

    I will use a similar bias in regards to choosing which bands will play a full hour set if needed.


    As always, if there's any problems, please contact me via Luventhariel@yahoo.com , through Guildlaunch PMs, through Quick Post mail, or Luventhariel#9331 on Discord, and I will get it fixed ASAP.


    Apply HERE!!

    Still looking for a Dinosaur Jr song for Cordovan...
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