[Thaurlach's Blade]on the left and the [Model of Orthanc] on the right, watched by [Marigold Property Guard]

The Indrigents box was free for all, and all Visitors were welcomed to pick some stuff up or do some training at the Dummy.

So i see the last time our Home for some Years.

You have just abandoned your kinship house.
2 Chalk Road - down

Thanks to all that Build the great Community from Level 1 to 50 in Helegrod and the Rift, as also the fights in Carn Dum and Urugath.
Then we had see the Mines of Moria with the many nice 6 Man instances as well the Filikul, the Watcher and the great DN.
I enjoy the nice time @65 with Mirkwood and the Raid BG and also OD - this timewindow was a bit small, but we had many, many good Raidnights.

The Best was the Tower of Orthanc, my favorite Raid. Hard Work and great fun.
But we stay and done the 85 Singleboss Fights also.

Next to the great group play, i meet many nice guys from the whole world and we play together.
I am from Germany and Austria and Italy are not far, but Island, Australia or the States are.
Thanks for the many nice gameplayevenings.

Hope you will find a new home on one of the Common Server.