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    Stuck in allegiance quests

    Hi. I reached level 110 a month ago and started allegiance quests with an Elven faction. I already completed the quests which you are given at level 5 and 10 (chapters 2 and 3 I think). However, when I reached level 15 and consumed a rewarded scroll it did not start a new quest. The Allegiance panel was telling me that lady Galadriel is waiting for me in lothlorien but then I gained additional reputation from Mordor quests, reached level 19, claimed new token rewards and it is not saying it anymore. I went to Court of Lothlorien but there are no active quest rings on Galadriel or any other character.

    Currently I'm level 21 at my faction, so I have claimed chapter 5 quest scroll too, but nothing changed. still cant interact with anyone in the court about the mission.

    Any ideas about the possible solution?

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    Your problem sounds very unique and should progress normally. All I can say is take the usual troubleshooting tips. Make sure you have completed the previous chapters. You can double check your completed quest log. Make sure you claimed that specific chapter. I might have done it long ago, but the thing you receive in your inventory is only a reminder and doesn't really activate the quest. As long as you progress the line, the quest will become available. I had once maxed an Allegiance and did all the quests in sequence without clicking on the things. Make sure you don't have any other quests that might have phased her. This shouldn't be an issue, but something simple like advancing the Black Book of Mordor questline might have caused a conflict for Galadriel. Make sure you are going to the right place. I know it sounds dumb, but you'd be surprised the number of people I have to direct to the right phase of Minas Tirith. The right Galadriel should be within the Court of Lothlorien, but you can try checking in with Galadriel standing up the flets in Caras Galadhon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WeirdJedi View Post
    I might have done it long ago, but the thing you receive in your inventory is only a reminder and doesn't really activate the quest.
    It's not a reminder, it really activates the next chapter. When you consume the item it grants you access to the chapter. However, you still need to complete all prior parts of the chain.

    Check your completed quest log to find which chapter you've finished. Then consult the lotro wiki to find out where you need to go next. Sometimes you need to go to your allegiance hall for the next phase, sometimes you need to meet the faction representative somewhere out on landscape.

    The above mentioned part of the wiki details the quest chains for each allegiance. Figure out how far you made it into your own progress, then consult the relevant quest chain and make sure you completed each objective step.
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