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    @Scenario List of needed zone connections/teleports (with locs)

    Please take a look, something to bookmark for the future. Most of these seem like they're fairly easy to implement and seem like perfect choices. I investigated the locations and provided the exact locs.

    I've been journeying across Middle-earth without any swift travels and there are clearly many places that suffer from the lack of connectivity. They just ask for functional world connections, mostly as teleports.

    Also, I've got a great idea how to fix the terrible After/Before version teleport navigation, which is something that's desperately needed too!

    LEGEND (so it's not as confusing)

    <--> Means a teleport portal back and forth, like the old one between Ered Luin and the Shire, so two portals on both ends.

    --> Means a teleport that leads only one way, without a portal to go back to previous coordinates - because you're teleported in the middle of traversable terrain, rather than at the border. In order to solve that problem I propose to use swift horses placed nearby exit points (or other interactable objects) that allow a player to go back to previous coordinates, which is especially crucial to allow lower level players to instantly go back to Before map if they unintentionally accessed a portal that teleported them into After version.

    |--| Means connection on both ends but only through interactable objects or swift horses. Could be used where a portal doesn't fit, or where there are prerequisites and other issues, like in Southern Mirkwood.


    (these can be added with minimal asset & terrain work)

    East Wall on the Eastern shore, near Frodo's boat: r2 lx1031 ly655 ox145.15 oy144.84 oz356.08 h206.7.


    to North-western Dead Marches: r3 lx1280 ly971 ox18.83 oy72.94 oz151.58 h308.0.

    We would be able to follow in Frodo's footsteps in this direction and allowed to take an alternate landscape path to Mordor and Gondor. Just lower this artificial looking slope a bit (which clearly looks like an old forgotten prep for a path!) and put teleport in here:

    Northern Limlight Gorge: r2 lx762 ly991 ox43.72 oy144.00 oz500.98 h16.9.


    to the ruined gate of Amdân in Lothlorien: r2 lx691 ly1079 ox68.77 oy150.14 oz616.97 h174.4.

    It's only logical there would be old roads and passes that lead to this gate. Beside, these additional areas added into Lothlorien are wonderful, so let's open it up a bit.

    This slope in Limlight is perfect for a path with a teleport and leads precisely in the direction of Amdân, so it's real frustrating a wondering traveler can't go that way and emerge in the dwarven ruins:

    Thornholt: r2 lx999 ly1560 ox148.63 oy11.64 oz840.14 h195.5.


    to Northern Eryn Lasgalen: r2 lx1025 ly1475 ox35.78 oy77.96 oz649.36 h9.8.

    The rocks here in Thornholt can be climbed a bit and almost create a pathway, so they would need to be rearranged a bit and a teleport entry point provided:

    This would make Mirkwood feel like it's less of a tunnel. Plus, this Mirkwood lake with the island is really such a charming, underappreciated place:

    So an exit point there, other than being geographically accurate, seems really scenic!
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    Optionally, Northern Misty Mountains: r1 lx1526 ly1035 ox129.73 oy78.55 oz1138.88 h296.7.


    to South-western Elderslade, near Angmarim town: r2 lx788 ly1597 ox90.37 oy117.04 oz802.71 h167.3.

    One more route to traverse the mountains would be nice, and to me it seems to go well with the narrative, since there must be a reason the Angmarim were interested in fortifying this area in particular and having a back gate from Dûn Traikh with a pathway leading West.

    This is already an existing easy-to-miss pathway in the Misties but collapsed, and unlikely to be used for anything in the future, so great idea to have an additional connection to Elderslade through this pass:

    This could be turned into a rocky pathway into the mountains and an exit point, so the Angmarim of Dûn Traikh have a strategic reason to fortify near the lake and secure this less known pass (other than training bats lol):


    (in Ithilien)

    South to North Ithilien connection is in the right spot but...

    It's super confusing if a newer player who made a mistake/was just curious got teleported. They are thrown into the unfamiliar "after battle" landscape that is the exact copy of the area they were just questing in and in order to get back to their version they gotta ride all the way South to the bridge and get teleported, and then gotta backtrack North to where they were at. It's terrible.

    So, without getting overly complicated and without changing anything, what I propose is fairly easy:

    Near the exit point, in After Battle North Ithilien: r4 lx1429 ly629 ox100.95 oy114.63 oz281.35

    Place some kind of interactive item (scattered maps?) or a traveler NPC here, with a dialogue box upon interaction, something like "Are you lost, fellow traveler? You have no idea where you are? Then use that horse (or that map here) to get back to where you came from!" So either a swift horse teleport or item teleport that can take you back to the exact entry point in the earlier "Before" version of the map.

    This mechanic could be used for other such confusing transitions when transitioning from Before to After - maps that cover the same landmasses, so can be very confusing when entered prematurely. But the swift horse/item method is not essential from After to Before, since players who experience After regions already have an idea of what such connections mean, so they wouldn't go through accidentally. This method would also allow to do more of these transitions to fully connect the world without fear of trapping lower lvl players in the "After" maps.


    Either from here, in South Ithilien beyond the Crossroads, as a side pathway in the direction of Morgul Vale, like in the picture below: r3 lx1430 ly605 ox135.29 oy103.48 oz270.81 h33.8.

    Or maybe from here, near the Morgul Vale gate with trolls?
    : r3 lx1437 ly604 ox116.00 oy87.70 oz255.14 h16.9.


    to the path before Smeagol's Stairs in After Battle Morgul Vale, which offers a great view of Minas Morgul in the distance once you emerge from beyond the corner: r4 lx1455 ly605 ox157.07 oy105.19 oz270.56 h140.6.

    (with the "Are you lost?" horsy/item here to get back to "Before" version entry point!)

    That way, we can make a continuous journey, like the one Frodo took, and organically reach Morgul Vale/Cirith Ungol from Before the battle version of the landscape. The wooden gate in before the battle version of Ithilien would be closed as it is now, but wonderers and RPers could take a more secret approach though a windy pathway and that works just fine! After all, Frodo couldn't just enter through a gate guarded by trolls and watchtowers... they needed to be more sneaky and probably circumvented through some rocky pathway. Morgul Vale really could use a connection with the wider world, rather than be reachable only from the "After" layer despite being directly adjacent to the Before layer.


    from Isengard, which would require to soften the slope here to mirror the Flooded version of this slope that's climbable (but it doesn't need to be perfectly mirrored): r1 lx1473 ly434 ox35.98 oy53.32 oz498.03 h21.1.


    to Isengard Flooded but on the pathway towards Western Rohan: r2 lx629 ly785 ox108.50 oy27.64 oz750.80 h80.2.

    (with the "Are you lost?" swift horsy/item here to get back to "Before" version entry point!)

    Because this pathway between Isengard and Western Rohan through the mountains is - surprisingly! - one of the most beautiful paths I've seen in the game, no idea why, but makes you feel that way, and it also leads to Entwood/Fangorn. So would be great to be able to transition from regular Isengard to Western Rohan here, rather than just through the Fords of Isen. Would provide a great wonderer's alternative!


    (to further connect the After Battle map with the larger world and make fully organic transitions from After battle version possible, no asset/terrain work needed here!)

    from Northern After Battle Pelennor, beyond the wall and the broken bridge: r4 lx1306 ly655 ox53.65 oy145.18 oz160.88 h282.7.


    to Talath Anor: r3 lx1296 ly660 ox15.70 oy98.25 oz181.30 h312.2.

    from After Battle Pelennor, on the ready pathway across the river and up the slope: r4 lx1300 ly508 ox91.08 oy99.61 oz171.24 h174.4.


    to South Ithilien, near Duindir: r3 lx1300 ly501 ox93.53 oy117.72 oz260.48 h203.9.

    [UNLESS we're getting after battle version of South Ithilien, so then not needed)


    Or teleports for some of these, if too much work (I will take teleports, no problem!).

    North Ithilien/Wastes, gently lower the slope here: r4 lx1338 ly828 ox55.09 oy86.80 oz240.27 h123.8.

    Great way to have these areas feel more natural and connect a bit more than just through Aragorn's camp. It's almost perfectly connected here, it just needs a traversable slope!

    Northern Wildermore: r2 lx802 ly935 ox49.78 oy144.69 oz577.50 h12.7.

    to Great River, through this broken bridge/platform: r2 lx801 ly963 ox34.85 oy76.56 oz371.50 h182.8.

    The platform doesn't need to be repaired because the other side is reachable, only the pathway needs to be opened. It looks like there is already a perfect traversable narrow pathway here between Wildermore/Great River, that was made with this connection in mind but never got opened up! Which makes sense, since both areas are parts of Rohan, and it makes perfect sense for there to be roads into Wildermore from Stangard. Just please please, let's open it all up! Or at least make a teleport between those two points, if there was something technically challenging that perhaps prevented this open-world connection in the past?

    Northern Wildermore: r2 lx760 ly941 ox17.36 oy114.99 oz528.65 h57.7.

    to Limlight Gorge next to Old Sawmill, requires a small bridge across the river but the height is right: r2 lx768 ly954 ox5.66 oy52.66 oz417.95 h170.2.

    Based on the tarrain map, this one also looks like it's already a viable pathway that leads from Wildermore to Limlight, except it's artificially sealed off on the Wildermore side and yeah, it would need a bridge here:

    Optionally, as the teleport, from the Limlight Glade: r2 lx745 ly948 ox33.79 oy86.01 oz494.52 h195.5.


    to somewhere deep in Northern Balewood? So there is a more visible continuity between this part of Great River that involves the ents, Balewood and Fangorn forests

    From Wildermore to Fangorn: r2 lx768 ly861 ox18.18 oy104.80 oz459.91 h1.4.

    Seems like there is enough space here to create a windy path and enable a functional road to Fangorn, the loc I provided I was actually able to reach just by jumping here and I jumped this way into Fangorn, which wasn't too far below. Would be cool to have an actual connection somewhere here that could be reached from both sides.

    Optionally, from deep in Balewood to Fangorn with an exit somewhere here? : at r2 lx721 ly883 ox23.37 oy76.71 oz485.14 h4.2. (could be as a teleport)

    Pretty please!~~

    All of these would improve travel options across the world SIGNIFICANTLY! Would make it all feel less of a tunneling experience, if one wishes to traverse freely. For example, with most of these in the game, one could choose to continuously travel from Eriador to Rhovanion through Isengard and then take a turn through Fangorn, Balewood, parts of Wildermore and Limlight, so circumventing Rohan entirely, and then through Dwarven ruins into Moria or travel East into Lothlorien and beyond. So many new routes and directions possible!
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    One more super useful teleport point!

    From Dalelands, the gate at the end of Southern road: r2 lx1183 ly1360 ox148.61 oy14.16 oz532.55 h112.5.

    It's written "to the Fields of Celduin" on the map but I doubt we're going there anytime soon...

    So, for the time being!


    to the Wastes: r4 lx1450 ly960 ox57.75 oy15.59 oz157.57 h357.2.

    Would be lovely. Because it's super annoying when Dalelands and Erebor are tucked away in their own little corner, but clearly, especially now after the fall of Mordor and Wastes being taken, there would be a viable route North from the Wastes, to reach all these Northern lands, not just the other way around through Mirkwood. It's how this swift horse to Mordor from Erebor allegiance hall must go, because you can't tell me it's taking a trip though Mirkwood, Vales and Rohan :P
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    One more teleport that would allow for more natural transition here, on this side of the river as well:

    Sutcrofts, next to the quarry at Eastern border: r2 lx926 ly592 ox126.74 oy19.84 oz162.18 h149.1.


    to Beacon Hills, near path towards Rauros: r3 lx1088 ly894 ox15.78 oy136.73 oz151.49 h208.1.
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    Connecting the Southern Mirkwood via item teleports

    In other words, in the exact same way the boats between Mirkwood/Lothlorien work -> accessible only after the Landing instance, except here the mechanism would need to be attached to a different item, such as a rope perhaps = our character is using a rope to climb a small slope and then they "travel" (teleport) North to Eryn Lasgalen, for example! That could be a great way to make Mirkwood more accessible from more directions, even if it's not a part of open-world (and even if it finally was a part of it, who even knows when we're going to the Narrows and Middle Mirkwood to fill this gap, might be a while... so teleport solutions welcome!)

    The Scuttledells in Mirkwood: r2 lx966 ly1139 ox139.67 oy76.41 oz563.46 h83.0.

    (the rope can have a tooltip text that this is an extremely dangerous journey, as a warning to lower lvl players who stumble upon it, just like the Beorning who warns the player before they teleport to the Vales from Misties)


    to Eryn Lasgalen, relatively safe at the edge of the map near the peaceful hilltop: r2 lx1000 ly1360 ox0.56 oy6.82 oz693.29 h232.0.

    Dourstocks: r2 lx910 ly1134 ox123.11 oy124.74 oz591.20 h15.5.


    to the Vales of Aduin, next to Blomgard settlement, so relatively safe: r2 lx909 ly1224 ox108.81 oy3.34 oz459.47 h142.0.

    Optionally, Brownlands Road: r2 lx990 ly942 ox132.25 oy126.15 oz411.31 h225.0.

    (can use a swift horse instead of portal)


    to Southern Southern Mirkwood, near elven ruins: r2 lx983 ly1048 ox143.46 oy19.83 oz465.04 h113.9.

    I know the excuse here is Brownlands is locked in time under Easterling attack but still... one might say the Easterlings have already passed through and encamped in hills adjacent to Rohan, so there shouldn't be any armies passing through this road any more and our character is more than skilled in dealing with occasional scout or two, or a smaller band of enemies. Who knows when we're going to the rest of Brownlands, if ever, so I would welcome a connection here
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    Physically connecting the Old Forest and the new Southern Old Forest on the Western shore ???

    @Scenario It's weird that reeds allow you to cross at narrow chock point into the old Old Forest (from the river) but otherwise this entire red section is cut off but it just asks for a functional landmass connection. Now, I had a privilege of stepping into that red section due to a bug (will do a bug report, though I don't have the exact coordinates).

    I ended up here near the river and couldn't get out due to reeds: r1 lx887 ly873 ox159.05 oy25.58 oz340.42 h282.7

    But this red section seems like it's ripe for opening up.

    Short story short about the bug, I was essentially trying to cross over into the classic Old Forest and was looking for a connection point alongside the Northern border of Cardolan portion and... this entire border has issues, it constantly transitions into the Woe of the Willow space, although at first I completely forgot this is the instance, not the named section of the classic Old Forest, so I continued to search for a crossing point until I actually found it and ended up trapped in Woe of the Willow :P Funny thing, I intended to maybe make my way out of there the same way I got through, to no avail, but instead this is how I somehow ended up in the area labelled as "Old Forest" except this was that untravesrable red section I roughly marked on the map and I was still trapped in there. That section seems already well designed though, so it wouldn't hurt to open it up and have the shore of the river more continuous from the new section of the Forest to the old one. On the right you would need to secure the Woe of the Willow space of course (because it's THERE right??? I mean, I never knew that and it seems small to me, but maybe the instance wasn't as big as I remember). Plus, definitely gotta secure that Northern border of Cardolan's Forest better... so it doesn't transition to Woe of the Willow near border and doesn't have any bugged entry points

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    I explored that border last week and had similar thoughts. Bar entry to the Woe of the Willow area a little better and then open up the space along the zone boundaries. It was really disappointing to not be able to travel directly through the forest between the Cardolan map and the Bree-lands map. Seems like a missed opportunity when one of the goals of the new zones was to connect Eriador better.
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    Goblin Town to the Vales?

    Just occurred to me, that maybe... What if an interactable item teleport had minimum level requirements? Then, you can safely put it there in Goblin Town, in one of the blind corridors in the last section (maybe on some large doorway that serves as an "item swift horse" teleport) and have a higher lvl player able to teleport to the entrance in the Vales, so the route just like Bilbo! Except you would have to be relatively on level to be able to deal with the guards in the Vales.

    And then, since the instanced Goblin Town 2.0 behind the door in the Vales prevents an actual door connection, just have an item next to the door as well. A goblin map or something on the wall, with the tooltip like "Do you really want to travel to the Misty Mountains through Goblin Town tunnels?" and it has you teleport to that interactable door/item I suggested above.

    Let's add all these teleports/teleport items and connect the world in some awesome, organic ways

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    Incredibly Good Post. /Signed

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    Added the "legend" signs to the top post to better illustrate what these suggested /loc connections mean and how they're supposed to work.

    Because I already have a large incoming list of /locs in my wordpad document... and it's regarding boat travel on the Anduin, with all needed connections between Gondor maps and some badly secured river borders that need attention, which may be something very crucial to take care of before the boat mount functionality comes out.

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    Now, this is pretty important - with the rumored future addition of boat mounts taken into account. I already made very precise observations with locs. A number of perfectly organic teleport points and better border security for these rivers will be crucial to accommodate the boat experience throughout Gondor maps.

    Starting from the West, at Rohan borders, and moving through the Anduin on Before Battle map of Gondor:

    Eastfold: r2 lx971 ly560 ox75.27 oy10.10 oz144.67 h109.7.


    to Beacon Hills: r3 lx1077 ly845 ox111.11 oy111.54 oz148.49 h354.4

    (some reeds need to be removed for visual believability)

    Beacon Hills, from Rauros Falls, entry point to circumvent the missing part of Anduin: r3 lx1118 ly888 ox120.26 oy2.40 oz147.97 h157.5.

    (maybe remove those giant rocks so it looks like there is actually a real river here)


    to further on the Anduin: r3 lx1258 ly807 ox57.71 oy146.85 oz147.97 h284.1.

    Talath Anor: r3 lx1310 ly784 ox130.96 oy9.25 oz148.12 h33.8.


    to North Ithilien, into the northwesternmost tributary river: r4 lx1314 ly791 ox59.72 oy156.38 oz147.97 h38.0.

    (Since it's a one-way portal and upon entering a player will find a continuous open world of After Gondor behind their back, the alternative solution I suggested previously can be used here - an interactable fast travel boat can be placed here, so a player can quickly return to Talath Anor coordinates with this method)

    Near Cormallen, on Before Battle Gondor map, there is this messy border situation: r3 lx1322 ly769 ox49.79 oy30.55 oz152.25 h241.9.

    You can swim between the Gondorian ships that serve as a visual "cover-up" of the instanced Celebration Cormallen hidden behind them (that's shoved into this Before map) and actually cross the invisible wall into this Celebration Cormallen because the border is faulty. But it gets worse because from there you can also transition into out of bounds terrain of Before Gondor because all these borders here are sloppily secured. I propose to secure that entire border better, maybe put some reeds on shores behind the ships so it doesn't feel as fake and then...

    make an entry point for the portal on the nearby river


    to North Ithilien, so in After Battle version of Cormallen area: r4 lx1327 ly765 ox144.95 oy112.98 oz149.18 h49.2.

    (fast travel boat method on the shore nearby to go back to earlier coordinates)

    Talath Anor, on eastern shoreline next to Cair Andros, can add land connection up the hill: r3 lx1340 ly748 ox97.35 oy91.97 oz154.61 h16.9.


    to North Ithilien, near Cair Andros' gate: r4 lx1341 ly749 ox106.24 oy114.33 oz161.99 h7.0.

    (fast travel boat or horse nearby to go back)

    Overall, like on this screenshot below, all of these Anduin borders need to be better secured, there are A LOT of weird spots that allowed me to pass into out of bounds terrain!

    Plus, I suggest adding some more reeds or rocks so it doesn't look as inviting to leave the river when you're on a boat. Shore borders are very open and inviting mostly everywhere here, for example this border: r3 lx1345 ly737 ox38.49 oy39.69 oz149.10 h80.2. They allow you to come ashore before you chance upon a sudden illogically placed invisible wall so it's a bit confusing. Doesn't need to be a giant wall of reeds, some open border is fine - but what's important is to make it seem like border is well-placed on the immediate edge of water, or on reeds, or on trees, or on rocks, rather than somewhere random like further into open land like it is currently. Invisible wall on the edge of water sounds logical enough but 30 steps into open dry land doesn't. Furthermore, there are a lot of spots where border has gaps that allowed me to go outside of bounds, like here: r3 lx1351 ly732 ox152.93 oy81.51 oz147.97 h144.8. So pretty much this entire border needs good revision and double-checking if players are going to traverse much more on rivers in the future

    Talath Anor, the tributary river behind Cair Andros: r3 lx1351 ly733 ox156.27 oy107.97 oz147.97 h47.8.


    to North Ithilien: r4 lx1352 ly734 ox11.51 oy125.60 oz147.97 h47.8.

    (fast travel boat back)

    The next tributary river is outright missing on Before Battle map of Gondor !!! (Visible on screenshot above). So it needs to be created on this "r3" map of Gondor and then a portal entry point added on it.


    to North Ithilien: r4 lx1360 ly715 ox11.36 oy68.13 oz147.97 h75.9.

    (and fast travel boat back)

    Talath Anor, the tributary river above Osgiliath: r3 lx1370 ly681 ox51.41 oy23.80 oz147.97 h66.1.


    to North Ithilien: r4 lx1373 ly682 ox100.56 oy49.58 oz147.97 h74.5.

    (and fast travel boat back)

    In South Ithilien, along the Anduin's eastern shoreline, would be wondrous to bring down some of these needless invisible walls (these walls are probably leftovers from the time when Pelennor map didn't exist yet?).

    In particular in these spots, there should be logical river-land connections here:

    r3 lx1334 ly526 ox131.54 oy123.32 oz153.06 h80.2.
    r3 lx1320 ly516 ox8.77 oy85.49 oz147.97 h98.4.
    r3 lx1318 ly514 ox128.92 oy51.72 oz147.97 h153.3.

    Or just bring it all down and allow to jump into Anduin from cliffs as well.

    Good potential spot for a land portal, accessible from the river but needs to be secured because I was able to penetrate into out of bounds Southern Gondor a bit: r3 lx1256 ly424 ox1.83 oy0.01 oz166.53 h170.2.


    to future After Battle Southern Gondor

    (swift boat back)

    There is the insta-kill dead zone here, on Anduin behind Pelargil's Western Sea-gate: r3 lx1110 ly384 ox120.17 oy0.51 oz147.97 h201.1.

    The river should be made fully traversable here.

    Future teleport into Poros river: r3 lx1096 ly376 ox0.39 oy19.84 oz147.97 h156.1.

    (There is also the insta-kill zone that needs to be removed here)


    to After Battle Southern Gondor

    (swift boat back)

    Insta-kill on river here needs to be removed + potential land entry point for teleport into South Gondor, West of Poros: r3 lx1077 ly376 ox107.04 oy0.37 oz147.97 h175.8.

    Connections between maps on open sea?

    Here is a rough sketch I did a while back, with the assumption that everything South of Southern Gondor will need a portal. But maybe you managed to move things so we'll get one huge connected "After Battle" world including the South, so take the sketch with a grain of salt. Anyway, the question of how to connect some of the seas remains.

    Full Black: Closed borders

    Violet: Closed for now, until there is Anfalas

    Orange: Long teleportation borders on waters and land portals, both ways

    Roughly, a fully realized sea like this - or something similar - would be a dream come true and a wonder to behold! If you could only manage to have such "long range" portal borders? Something like this is already in the game when we enter this "Unexplored Territory" when trying to swim South from the small islands of the Mouth of Anduin and then we're getting teleported to Bree. So maybe this approach could work and connect all borders on seas? And again, there should also be a portal on sea water from the old Before Battle Gondor around the Mouth to get into After Battle portion around the Mouth that won't be included on Before version. So then a little lone boat (or a cool swift travel ship lol!) next to exit point on After to be able to get back to Before, just like I suggested on the land and rivers.

    Anduin connections needed on After version of Gondor map, starting from the West:

    North Ithilien, northwest Anduin, entry point here: r4 lx1304 ly783 ox9.36 oy159.07 oz147.97 h308.0.


    to Taur Druadan: r3 lx1281 ly796 ox37.07 oy84.52 oz147.97 h315.0.

    North Ithilien, the south-western tributary: r4 lx1304 ly780 ox0.40 oy92.61 oz147.97 h253.1.

    (but invisible walls need to be pushed further towards shores, so there is actually a full portion of the river here, with the clearly shaped entry point to the tributary)


    to Taur Druadan, on the tributary river: r3 lx1287 ly782 ox141.46 oy121.65 oz147.97 h216.6.

    Again, invisible borders need to be pushed to river edges here, maybe secure better with reeds, and here I propose a land portal on shore: r4 lx1312 ly763 ox6.56 oy73.75 oz149.54 h210.9.


    to Talath Anor: r3 lx1311 ly760 ox159.22 oy8.17 oz158.93 h199.7.

    West into the tributary river, next to Cair Andros: r4 lx1325 ly730 ox109.09 oy55.76 oz147.97 h274.2.

    to Talath Anor: r3 lx1320 ly730 ox18.56 oy51.33 oz147.97 h234.8.

    Please torn down that barricade next to this tributary river, and put portal here to make that road passage possible: r4 lx1333 ly683 ox118.21 oy72.81 oz151.96 h324.8


    to Talath Anor on road: r3 lx1331 ly692 ox70.20 oy80.60 oz169.96 h334.7.

    PS: Oh well, that may seem a bit scary and complicated when written down But seriously, in actual gameplay, that would make this entire world feel very smooth in travel (both land and waters) and much less confusing too - if a player can actually teleport at organic spots but they also have a convenient fast way of getting back (so return from After to where you came from on Before, particularly important with lower level players so they're not getting trapped in a higher difficulty areas)
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