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    Question Tattered Doomfold Parchments?

    Hello! Looking to find Tattered Doomfold Parchments.
    Took me a while but I found Eryn Lasgalen, like wiki says.
    Now, where in there can I find that scholar's stuff?
    (The AH is bleeding people dry, as always)
    Thanks in advance!

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    Try killing any of the mobs listed here:

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    Maybe look at: lotrowiki category: crafting instances; open chests, kill everything in this level.

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    Udun Is littered with treasure chests full of crafting materials. They respawn very quickly. Since the enemies are level 106 to 108, a level 120 character can loot treasure chests without interruption and quickly amass great gobs of crafting materials. The camps along the main road are best, especially those more towards Dor Amarth. If you do it long enough to find 21 Black Adamant Shards, you can even craft for some Motes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luna_90 View Post
    (The AH is bleeding people dry, as always)
    I'll never get this sentiment. People who are being "bled dry" by AH prices should be collecting materials themselves and even SELLING stuff to rich players, not trying to out-bid them. SSG is never really going to punish players for earning gold by playing a lot or for a long time, so it'd be better for newer players to abandon the victim mentality and instead try and make the system work for them. Be the person bleeding rich players dry. If I can make 500g in an hour of play (easy enough at L140), I'm probably happy to pay a new player 100g for enough copper ore to finish T1 prospector instead of spending an hour collecting it myself. I've mined more ore in 15 years than you can possibly imagine.
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