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    Lightbulb QoL LM trait change to aid raid pet rotation.

    I know this is an old, often brought up issue. This also may have been suggested before, but I just had a thought.

    Why not bring back Sic'em! as a Yellow or Blue line trait, deep in either tree. Perhaps 3 points which would cast the debuffs for the other pets without the need to summon, debuff, dismiss, and repeat? Just one skill you click that applies the debuffs from all pets.


    1 point: Applies Debuff from 3 random LM pets
    2 point: Applies Debuff from 4 random LM pets
    3 point: Applies Debuff from all LM pets

    Not only could this help cut down on Lag Master Lagging raids and groups. It could also help decrease LM button presses, I dont know about the rest of you but I'm not getting any younger and neither are my hands. I just can't keep up with the LM prestidigitation needed to raid anymore.

    Thoughts and Ideas welcome.

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    I see this as an excellent idea, and similar reasoning too:-)

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    Could be a skill we can add to our bar, pet debuff that increases as you gain new companions. It will apply whatever buff you have selected to auto cast for that companion. Maybe a trait or legacy that buffs duration or magnitude of said buffs.

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    Perhaps just make pet food more relevant.

    If pet debuffs/buffs/skills lasted longer and/or stronger when pets were fed it would add a layer of need to crafting.

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    /signed, both OP's and Loox's ideas.

    I had a partially similar idea (to OP's) but this is probably better/more convenient.

    Maybe add it as a high level LM skill in general and just have certain set bonuses buff it, probably a Blue line's set bonus 'cause animals are their thing.
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    I laughed and laughed about the cutting down on lag part. Yes, that was one of the reasons given for eliminating Sic 'Em, but it's totally false. No one has seen any reduction in lag since it was removed. Lag just gets WORSE.
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