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    Nov 2008

    Exclamation The Minstrel Tracery "Soliloquy of Spirit Healing" has disappeared...

    Title says it all. Went to the Word-hoard to upgrade it and it is not listed at any Level. There is nothing about this in the release notes.
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    Mar 2022
    Has it found it's way into a different group, the display and order got mixed up with the patch?

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    I was looking for it last night and could not find it in any of the level 121 sections. I didn't check any other levels.
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    Did anyone initiate a ticket to see if maybe something is broken?

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    I also would like someone from SSG to say if it was an accident or they removed it on purpose. I was wanting to put this one on my legendary item.

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    Dear SSG Dev Team,

    Can we get a response if this will be fixed soon? I mean this is one of the bread and butter healing skills for the Mini....

    Thanks in advance for a quick fix,



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