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so instead of reverting the map cd you want them to redesign the map? that seems like a lot of extra work.
I highly doubt SSG will ever revert the map CD so what other options exist? Maps are gone. The changes are here to stay.

I didn't say it was a great idea to shrink the map but with the current movement restrictions and lack of incentive to wander about on the map some type of major change is now needed. If they moved things closer together and removed everything except for TA, ROP and AEOP and created quests that have enough of an incentive to leave Grams and GV there would be a better chance for random encounters. There needs to be a reason to go out and wander. The distance to wander is more of a hindrance than help in my opinion. Just scale everything down. Have fewer places to wander and that will decrease the shuffling and maybe create more fights. If anything having the map shrunk, creeps can get back in a battle sooner after they die and retreat.

You don't need DG or OR anymore either. The creep quests don't really have a purpose much anymore. The relics could be at TA and owned by one side or another. A smaller battleground of sorts would probably work well compared to the current map. Go out and have a fight or two. Go back to the main hub for your side and log. Less travel could equate to more fights.