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    Apr 2007

    Please fix cosmetic gauntlets

    When I log onto my captain with a cosmetic halberd equipped in the cosmetic slot it displays the correct weapon.

    When I log onto my brawler with cosmetic gauntlets equipped it displays the actual gauntlets I'm wearing. It is very annoying to have to switch cosmetic outfits every time I log in.

    Also, allowing the gauntlets to be dyed would be amazing.

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    Apr 2010
    I have the same issue with the cosmetic look of my brawler's gauntlets. The equipped gauntlets visual overides the cosmetic visual I slotted on my cosmetic outfits when I log out and back in. SSG please fix this.

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    I can only imagine SSG doesn't give a flying flip about this issue - it's been with the class almost since release and has been addressed over and over and over again in the forums. If they cared, they'd have fixed the code by now.

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    It's not just Gauntlets, I've had it happen on my Guardian as well.

    Appearance keeps defaulting to Legendary Item rather than whatever cosmetic I had it set to.
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