I am organizing a racing event on Evernight. The race will go across 5 tracks I will announce in detail at the start of the event. I have received 30x100 Lotro Points (=3000 Lotro points in total) codes from Cordovan to give away as prizing money. Thanks alot for this to Cordovan.

20.12.2022, Tuesday 20th of December.
2pm Servertime/8pm CEST, Duration: 2hours
The event will be livestreamed on my channel where I also reveal each tracks with a shortvideo. My channel is: www.twitch.tv/Danaephia
There will also be a youtube video after the event. The first race will be in Breetown.
Max competitors:

There will be 5 tracks you will be racing on. The picture above give you a hint what the route is. We will race the following order:
1. Breetown Circuit, 2. Helegrod Sprint, 3. Minas Tirith (befor siege) Sprint, 4. Forochel Sprint, 5. Shire circuit
I have prepared a short video for each track that I am going to show on stream, before a race starts. There will be 10min practice time for the Breetown and Minas Tirith race.
What you need:
- A mount of any shape or form (warsteed, horse, goat, elk). You are free to choose what to use. Each type of mount will have their advantages and disadvantages.
- Access to all the racing locations. I will probably have a captain summoning the competitors to the locations.

Placement prizing:
1. Place: 500 LP, 2. Place: 400 LP, 3. Place: 300LP, 4. Place: 200LP, 5-20th Place 100 LP.
So everyone competing at least received 100 Lotro points for making this event possible.

Rules (more rules will be announced during the event which are especially racing track specific)

Rule 1: The item "20% Mount speed (6hours)" or any variations of such boost are not allowed. You are informed and you have time until Tuesday to let this boost expire if you have it on your character. I will check at the start and finish of the race if you have a visible movement boost that affects mount speed enabled. if you do, you lose score points.
Rule 2: This is a racing event. So you have to race from start to finish on your mount. It is allowed to dismount if you crash or get stuck. Teleporting in any form is not allowed to make it through the tracks (examples: Mithril coins, Stable masters, travel maps, milestones, return skills etc.).
Rule 3: All types of mounts are allowed. regular mounts with 78% are a part of that, as well as warsteed of any shape or form. There will be no regulation for the warsteed gear, it is up to you to "pimp" your warsteed for the race if you chose the warsteed.

Signing up:
send me ingame a message to "Danaephiatwitch" or join my discord: https://discord.gg/Nj5hMWfS

Scoring system:
Each race will grant you points that are accumulated across all races. The final placement is based on your total points collected. There will be a secret 6th race, where the top 3 will battle it out for the final top 3 placements.
1. Breetown circuit: the race is done in sub groups of 4-5 players. The top 3 of each group receive score points. The fastest time across all groups, receives additional points.
2. Helegrod Sprint: The top 5 reaching the finishing line receive points.
3. Minas Tirith Sprint: The top 10 receive points.
4. Forochel Sprint: The top 5 reaching the finishing line receive points.
5. Shire circuit: the top 5 reaching the finishing line receive points.

How the event will (hopefully) work:

Invites start at 7pm CEST/1pm servertime. Players that signed up are guaranteed a spot. The rest will be filled with last minutes sign ups. The first race will be in Breetown, starting at the prancing pony. Ever competitor will be invited into a raid and stays in a raid the entire event. I will setup some players streaming certain angles of the race that I will then show on stream (by them streaming their gameplay on discord). I will show on stream a video that I have prepared for each racing track. I will show the route and some rules if there is any to add. After the first race is done, we move to the next location. I try to setup captains that can call people to the location. But it is encouraged to travel on your own quickly. After the 5th race, I will calculate the points for everyone. The top 3 will then be summoned to the secret 6th race to battle it out for the final top 3 placement. We will then have a placement ceremony. That location will probably be breetown again.