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    Upgrade Carry-alls

    Would love a button on the carry-all UI to upgrade it's size. Charge the difference between the cost of the current and the one you're upgrading to. No one wants to throw out a small bag because they're worth 1300lp, but they're actually pretty useless. Should definitely be an option to upgrade them.

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    This would be a great option.
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    I would love this!
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    I would like to see 1,000 slot versions like the ones in Dungeons & Dragons Online.
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    Carry all upgrades would be great but SSG messed things up with the pricing. I'm sure they could implement 1000 slot bags with 5000 stacks each. But not nowadays because they wanted to settle for way less (and point proven people buy them). Now a 50 bag costs 2000 points - meaning a big 500 bag should be expected 20,000 LP and maybe in store for 15,000 ?? They can't present such a monstrous price within shop because most players would hate seeing such a money grab - it provokes. Also very disencouraging for new players checking out the store and seeing this is the thinkable price to expand 1 kind of storage inventory only for the character that currently holds the carry-all-bag...
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