Creeps got a some love and have been able to kill freeps and play in small groups.

Now you nerfed the creeps so hard that the population droped form not beeing able to join the server, to almost empy and not beeing able to find a small grp to play.

When there are more playeres the game is simply unplayable do to lag, and ppl leave.

you do good balance server populates and ppl want to play but cant, too laggy.

now you nerf creeps so hard almost no lag but no creeps to play with, and staring new one is almost impossible now, burgs who 1hit lv3 chars hunters in stelth who 1hit lv2 chars and champs who facepalm keybord and kill whole grps.

your goal is still 1 freep vs 6 creeps, sounds engaging and fun for freeps to do a 5 man grp and wipe a full 24 creep raid.
the other 24 player are also enjoing the game getting wiped and then walk thru hordes of bulgars to get back to your grp ?!?

your income had droped in the etten with your last changes like 80%(guess)
now you have no resouces to rework, other things give more money like new lvl cap so you can milk the freeps in pve content.

just repopulate the servers with balance as it worked before, make instances where ppl can play 3v3-6v6 like ctf or some boss to kill with good rewards.

remove all quests and npcs from the etten map remove all keeps make a smaller map make it complex, give the low lvl´s a quest aree where they can learn and lvl their creeps. make here some raids to learn mecanics, dont let noobs run into 1hit burgs and hunters.

use osgilath or ettendeep as a quick fix.