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    Legendary Still Good?

    I logged back into the game after a few months. I've read a few mentions of a new legendary system, but I am unclear where that leaves me. I have an imbued legendary with a legacy tier of 652. I maxed out the legacy tier for each legacy, Is this out dated now?


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    You can still use it, but it won't advance nor improve.

    Under the new system, you can appraise it and receive a goodly amount of the currency used in the new system. Same from any other LIs you currently have slotted - they too will appraise for new currency.

    Best advice I can offer is to go to the Legendary Item page in lotro-wiki.com, read it, and take a look at player guides linked on that page. It will be very beneficial to see how the new system works, and avoid any missteps.

    Welcome back, and good luck!

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    There has been an LI Revamp. You can use the official wiki guide and any of the following third party websites listed at the bottom of the page: https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Leg...egendary_Items

    While you can still use the legendary weapons and equip it cosmetically, you will not be able to reforge or advance it anymore. As you can see from the picture, you can Appraise it for legendary items that can be used for your new equipment. The official website posts some basic information regarding a few additional details regarding where to go and how to work the Reward Track to gain more items: https://www.lotro.com/guides/lotro-l...vember-2021-en

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    The short answer to your question is that the new LIs act like slotted armor. Except the slots are filled with traceries instead essences. And the LIs are reforged every 5 levels so you only ever need the one. Where one gets the traceries and if one chooses to upgrade the slots is part of the long answer .

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    With that ILI you could be any level from 100 to 130. Around the 120 mark the new LIs will be better, before that the ILIs.

    If you are at 120 level up to 121 before touching. This puts you at the start of a "Range"; the only time you should make LIs.

    If at 130 then you can appraise to get a load of traceries and Ancient script but wait until level 131 before slotting any. Barter cheap yellow/uncommon 131+ traceries with your AS to set every slot on the new LI to a high rank and then slot over the better lower range ones instead from appraisal. This saves wasting over a thousand enhancements most of us made at the time of release and many considerable amounts of Ancient Script bartering them.

    Or learn enough in the process so you don't repeat the mistakes you will make this first time. First mistake will likely be over appraisals to find yourself well over cap on Ancient Script and struggle to manage it. Appraise just enough to furnish you with the tokens and AS you need for the two new LIs you are making. Save it all for other characters who one day arrive at 121.

    The lack of a purple 131 enhancement barter will mean advancement is an in game slog but better than spending a load of lower range enhancements on them at 130 and still be lower ranked than slotting yellows at 131+.

    Much of the system means you are getting resources for the characters that follow rather than the one you are playing. Just like the mote system. Go figure!



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