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    4K monitor settings

    First, thanks for all the work @Tralfazz, I have LOTRO running well on an M1 MBP, and a MacStudio. I had an issue yesterday, and I guess borked the ini file. Reloaded the game and such, but it took copy / pasting your supplied ini file to get thigs going again.

    Could you please put that file in a stickied thread at the top of this sub forum, and then when you find improvements, you can just keep that one up to date? Along with basic install directions of course. It seems to much easier with the new Crossover.

    Any tips on taming the high rez monitor. When I try to reset the resolution from max (5120/2880) to 2560x1440, the system just puts LOTRO in the top left quarter of the screen, and does not scale that resolution to the screen. (ie, I still cant read things) I know about increasing font size in the chat box, and increasing the UI size, but I think I need to figure out how to actually make the 2560x1440 display on the whole screen. I did put that resolution in the ini file, but had similar results.

    Any ideas?
    Andurill / Nimmileth / Celowynn

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    Shazaam! - I managed to "scale" my monitor to 2560x1440 (you can't choose numbers or display size any more) by moving the text size one size larger in the Display section of System Settings.

    I then managed 2560x1440 in full screen windowed mode, and it filled the screen with readable text (still a bit smaller than 1K resolution, but totally workable.

    Bonus - I can read the screen better when doing my usual stuff.
    Andurill / Nimmileth / Celowynn

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    Hi, Bones!

    Check your bottle settings, be sure that High Resolution Mode is not enabled.

    In MacOS 13 Ventura, you can choose a numerical resolution setting rather than the "Larger Text/More Space" dumbed-down silliness by right-clicking on one of those sample settings and choosing SHOW LIST. From there you can choose to "Show all resolutions" for more (non-optimized) options. There is a similar process for versions of MacOS before Ventura.

    It's usually best to run in Full Screen Windowed mode. There are some specific use cases where Full Screen mode might be best, but nearly all LOTRO players using Macs are better off with Full Screen Windowed mode. (I don't know how anyone can play in Windowed mode but I am sure some people do.) In Full Screen Windowed mode, the game will ignore whatever resolution is set within its own options and adopt the current resolution being output to your monitor by your system, as set in SYSTEM SETTINGS->DISPLAYS.

    While I'm glad that a UserPreferences.ini file which I created in the past for someone else helped you to resolve a problem, it is probably old and needs to be updated. Most people can resolve the most common issues by just editing the existing file with the lines...
    ...and I'm here to help with the less common issues. However, I'll be sure to include an updated, downloadable and/or copy-pastable UserPreferences.ini file next time I update the guides; if it was of benefit to you it might be of benefit to other people in the future.

    I am just some rando, I cannot sticky things. I am writing a pair of new guides for 2023 ("Installing and running LOTRO on a Mac using Crossover" and "Installing and running LOTRO on a Mac with open-source WINE") but they're very low priority and therefore have no ETA. I would have no objection if those were to be stickied after I post them. Probably a lot of people have to send PMs to Cordovan before he'll do it, that seems to have worked in the past. However, stickies often get stale – there are stickies in other forums here that are extremely old and not relevant at all to the current game client or in-game environment. Also, it's best for people to start their own threads (as you did here) rather than adding to some already-long meta-thread, that makes it easier to keep a support or other conversation going with that person and is also better for keeping issues and resolutions organized and easily searchable for future readers.

    A stickied thread that is closed and will not accept replies or edits except by the author of the OP would be pretty useful! I don't know if that's possible with the forum software used here nor that Cordovan would set up such a thread for us if it is possible.



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