Long time reader, first time poster, apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

Finally got around to installing some plugins after playing for years and took the community's advice and installed via the Plugin Compendium. The app loaded fine, downloaded a few but the Ghost of Onedrives Past is messing with the installation in some way, even though I banished that evil plague from my machine months ago. I discovered my documents folder is still a onedrive docs folder, which I cannot reset it back to default like I did for my desktop, music and video folders because of an error. The only other way I've seen to fix it is to edit the registry and I don't feel confident to start messing with the guts of my operating system. I usually get around this by only using c:\users\username\onedrive\doc uments for games I've already got installed and configured and move all other stuff to the location into the correct documents folder c:\users\username\documents.

But the game isn't recognizing the lotro plugin directory. Plugin manager on the character screen is empty and /plugins list is empty. The configuration page on Plugin Compendium shows the correct path (C:\Users\username\OneDrive\Do cuments\The Lord of the Rings Online\Plugins) The game is reading my keymaps and saved ui preferences so the game is accessing the folder ok. I tried copying the lotro folder to my regular documents folder to see if it would read but alas, no luck. I'm running the standalone version of the game, not the steam version, if that makes a difference. Can anybody shed some light on how to get around this? I would love to have MoorMap and a waypoint to help me with my miserable sense of direction Thanks!