Hello fellow Gladden players.

I am Lorrundor, level 71 Human Lore Master of Bree, and I am considering joining a kinship to expand my exposure of the game to group and raid content. It should be noted that I have only been playing since October of 2022. Before that, I had not played the game for eleven years, and back then I only got to the mid 20s in levels. That all being said to let you know that I have next to no idea what I am doing lol.

The first thing I should point out is that I am a streamer on Twitch at twitch.tv/pharone. I stream all of my Lotro game time on Twitch. If that would be an issue for joining your kinship, I fully understand. No offense, but I wouldn't be interested in giving up my streaming to join a kinship. No hard feelings there. I just want people to know ahead of time.

About me...
I'm an old fart at the ripe old age of 49 and my memory is bad. Don't be surprised if you have to tell me the same thing two days in a row lol.

I've been playing MMORPGs for over two decades now with the majority of my time spent in EverQuest. I've been in a number of guilds, ran guilds, lead raids, and been an active member of raiding guilds both casual and hardcore. These days, I am leaning more to the casual side of raiding.

So far, I have been soloing everything in the game, and I enjoy that style in this game. The game feels very solo-friendly. That being said, I have done very, very few dungeons in the game thus far due to not having people to do them with when I am level to do them. That's the main reason I am considering joining a kinship.

The main things I am trying to avoid and why I have not yet joined a kinship in Lotro are drama, politics, expected scheduled game play, etc. I worry that joining a kinship will turn Lotro from being a game to being a job for me like guilds have tended to do in other MMORPGs. I play Lotro to relax after work. It is a game to me, and I want it always to be a game; not a second job.

Two things that I really dislike are political discussions and elitist mentalities (ex. learn to play noob). As far as politics goes, I play games like Lotro to get away from the real world. I don't want the real world injected in to my alternate world lol. Then as far as elitist mentalities, it irks me every time I see someone ask for help and someone else responds back with some snarky elitist point of view like "learn to play noob" or some form of derogatory response that makes the player feel like they suck because they couldn't do what ever it was they were trying to do.

Other than that, I'm generally an ordinary guy that plays games way too much lol.

Thanks for reading. I hope to see you online sometime.
Pharone the Gnome