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    WardenEase2 u35 New Gambit Patch

    I have created a patch file for the plugin WardenEase2 which adds the new gambits introduced in LOTRO update 35.

    WardenEase2 was created by Stever1388 and can be found here:

    WardenEase2 Gambit Patch can be found here:

    You must install WardenEase2 before applying the patch file – or it will have nowhere to go!

    Here is additional information and the exact changes made:
    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    LOTRO update patch 35 introduced 6 new gambits (actually 12 since there are ranged and melee versions of each):

    Deflection (Assailment and Determination versions): 3-2-1
    Spear of Fate/Javelin of Fate: 3-1-3-1-3
    Cauterizing Steel/Ranged Cauterizing Steel: 1-2-1-2-1
    Unseen Strikes/Ranged Unseen Strikes: 1-3-1-3-1
    Readied Blade (Assailment and Determination versions): 2-3-1
    Shield Up (Assailment and Determination versions): 2-1-3

    WardenEase2 continues to work great, these new gambits simply have to be added to the __init__.lua file. I added them to the end of the English list which begins with...
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Adroit Manoeuvre"] = {1,3,2,1}
    ...and ends with...
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Warden's Triumph"] = {1,3,2,1,3}
    The exact lines added are:
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Deflection"] = {3,2,1}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Ranged Deflection"] = {3,2,4}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Spear of Fate"] = {3,1,3,1,3}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Javelin of Fate"] = {3,4,3,4,3}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Cauterizing Steel"] = {1,2,1,2,1}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Ranged Cauterizing Steel"] = {4,2,4,2,4}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Unseen Strikes"] = {1,3,1,3,1}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Ranged Unseen Strikes"] = {4,3,4,3,4}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Readied Blade"] = {2,3,1}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Ranged Readied Blade"] = {2,3,4}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Shield Up"] = {2,1,3}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Ranged Shield Up"] = {2,4,3}
    There is also an equivalent list for the German language client. I do not speak German, I just used Google Translate. Here are the lines to add to the bottom of the German gambit list, right under this line:
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Triumph des H\195\188ters"] = {1,3,2,1,3}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Ablenkung"] = {3,2,1}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Fernablenkung"] = {3,2,4}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Speer des Schicksals"] = {3,1,3,1,3}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Fernkampfspeer des Schicksals"] = {3,4,3,4,3}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Kauterisieren von Stahl"] = {1,2,1,2,1}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Fernkauterisierender Stahl"] = {4,2,4,2,4}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Unsichtbare Schläge"] = {1,3,1,3,1}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Unsichtbare Fernschläge"] = {4,3,4,3,4}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Fertige Klinge"] = {2,3,1}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Fernkampfbereite Klinge"] = {2,3,4}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Schild hoch"] = {2,1,3}
      SDRPlugins.WardenEase2.Gambits["Fernkampfschild hoch"] = {2,4,3}
    I have tested this with the English client and it works as expected: The new gambits are added and display sorted among the other gambits using whatever scheme WardenEase2 uses for sorting. I did not test with the German client. If I got the translations wrong let me know and I will fix them – but you can blame Google, not me!

    This patch is a replacement __init__.lua file for an existing installation of WardenEase2. You need to download and install WardenEase2 in order to use this patch! It is not a stand-alone plugin, I am not the author of WardenEase2!

    To install on a Mac, drop the __init__.lua file into your ~/Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/Plugins/SDRPlugins/WardenEase2 folder and allow it to replace the __init__.lua file already there. The file path for you Windows users is *\My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Plugins\SDRPlugins\Ward enEase2 – the same place as on a Mac, just Windows-a-fied.

    Here's hoping the author returns and updates this fantastic plugin himself, I literally would not play my Warden without it and I really love playing my Warden! So I'm very happy that WardenEase2 exists and was so easy to update for the new gambits in the u35 patch.

    edit 2023-03-23: Whoops! It's "Javelin of Fate" not "Ranged Spear of Fate"! The German translation appears to be identical but the English entry has been corrected.
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