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    A Relic in Lumul-Nar - bugged??

    It's my first time doing this quest (lv 63 hunter). I've been following lotro wiki's walkthrough to align the mirrors and it's been fine until near the end where you come down a ramp and have 3 levers - one in front of the ramp and one to the left and right. Wiki says pull the middle lever 3 times and the other's once... I do that but nothing happens! I've been playing around with the levers for ages (in case I did it wrong initially) but I can't get the light beam to shine down and unlock the final gate. Wiki says it might be bugged - please help!

    I've exited and reset the instance a couple of times but I come in with the creatures already gone and the beams already unlocked the gates. How can I restart the instance from scratch?

    EDIT: I started a new random instance, came out of it and came back to this one which reset it! Just managed to complete it Now I can't work out how to delete this thread because I'm an idiot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Isalou View Post
    Now I can't work out how to delete this thread because I'm an idiot.
    Glad you figured out the instance! As for deleting forum posts, I think people usually just edit their original post, delete all the text, and replace it with (problem solved, please delete thread).



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