Dear Devs,

my suggestion to you is to abandon the Palantir Private Program in its current form. The secrecy about new content is absolutely no longer justifiable in 2023 and is also unnecessary, as one could collect much more effective input regarding bugs and other errors in other ways. Many players are even able to open game files and thus already reveal many "secrets". And now that the "Letter to the Players" has pretty much announced all the new features, why not just involve the community to achieve a better game experience?

I recommend and even wish for the Palantir server to be opened to the public. It would probably also be possible to open Bullroarer much much earlier, however a separation between alpha and beta still makes sense. When players log onto the Palantir server, they need to be aware that everything is still in development. And those players who don't like such an unfinished game experience can still wait for a final test phase on Bullroarer. But such a move would ensure that much more feedback gets to the developers much sooner. If you prefer to hide behind your NDA, which is disregarded on Reddit and Discord anyway, then a more dynamic registration phase would be possible (not sending out a few invitations every two years). But I think you guys at SSG know: the Lotro community is different, we're helpful, we care about the game. So maybe it's time to integrate the community even more. With more togetherness, Lotro has an even brighter future ahead of it