My RK, now Level 140, was Valar'ed to some lower level (probably 90 or 105) a number of years ago.

I wanted to get a Moria Nimblefoot Goat, but I cannot use Moria reputation items because I haven't completed the quest Welcome to Moria.

So I went to Durin's Threshold and picked up the quest, which requires completing three others. One is the quest where you plant a banner at grave of the dead Dorfs outside the Hollin Gate. I went out the west exit, and found myself in the pre-Watcher phase of the zone, where the Dorfs are still hammering away and stupidly throwing stones into the pool. No graves.

I went out the exit to Eregion, and Rathwald at the Sirannon Gate offered me the epic quest "The Watcher in the Water" (Vol. 2, Book 1, Chapter 12). Since it's short, I completed it and got the follow-up "Khazad-dum at Last". But after the Fellowship/Gandalf/Balrog cutscene completed, I was dumped back in the same pre-watcher phase. The Doors of Durin weren't visible, and no Dorf grave. Using ports (again) I made my way back through 21st Hall, Dolven View and Durin's Threshold, and completed "Khazad-dum at Last". Walk out the door again, it's the same issue.

I went back out the Sirannon Gate and now Rathwald wants to give me Vol. 2, Book 1, Chapter 1 (Strangers in Hollin).

This is sure a lot of work just to be able to use reputation items for content I paid to complete...