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    Angry Figment NPCs and Housing changes

    Hey everyone, just thinking here about the Figment NPCs that show up once a year.. maybe. Last Figment NPC was up for over 7 months before it was changed and that only happened cause I kept asking about it, the current NPC has been up for going on 6 months now, that means at this rate we will see maybe 1 or 2 more Figment NPCs for the rest of the year, I don't know what you are thinking at SSG when you do this, but it's like they are trying to lose money,
    I have asked this before but it has either been ignored or just shot down but, make a shop for all the Figment NPCs and have them up all year long, what harm does it do to allow players to spend the figments, motes and Embers they earn in game, with the current caps fixed at 10k most players end up losing their hard earned tokens due to the lack of anything to spend them on while waiting for NPCs that never seem to change.
    The Curator is nice to spawn every 4 months are so, but she never has anything new at least not for a long time so her being up is neither here nor there.
    While I am at this, please stop making housing items Bound, Homes are a major part of the game, and you make a ton of money on premium home sales and store item for homes from the store, store items should always be bound but normal housing items even ones from NPCs why are you continuing to make them bound, all you are doing is hurting the players from working on homes and cutting your own profits from players who might buy a home but don't want to have to deal with the hassle of everything being bound, I know why you do it, you want players to buy more inventory slots to hold bound items or bags to put them in, but you are only hurting yourselves when 99% of every item in the game is bound if it needs to be or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajorPayne View Post
    Hey everyone, just thinking here about the Figment NPCs that show up once a year.. maybe.

    Check this post to see the LotRO schedule. Myrtle Mint is arriving around the end of the month; Filbert Fig will return some time in July.


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    That schedule has been revised once already and they pushed back the Figment NPC change over back another month already. Thats why the dates don't line up with the other events. It was not 4/19 before it was a almost a month before that and even though they have it listed as APPROXIMATE DATING, it should be more like, it will change when we do it, not when we say we might do it.

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    There is really no reason for these vendors to rotate, they should remain up permanently.
    Also, why is there still only 3 'seasonal' vendors to our 4 seasons?
    The Curator isn't included in the list of seasonal vendors from what I remember and what has been said.



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