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    An idea for training dummies

    A Dismiss button! Or an End Combat button!

    Im sure this has been suggested before but with how bad game performance is now, getting a huge lag freeze mid-parse is incredibly common. And it destroys your parse, forcing you to start over. Well when that freeze happens 12 seconds in...you have to stand there and wait for the entire duration for the dummy to stop being in combat. I am of course talking about the figment dummies you can place in/at your house. The other option is to enter/exit your house to drop combat...However, as I've been working on parsing over the last few days this is how a typical round goes:

    -Smack away!
    -Random lag spike for undetermined length (sometimes frozen for 3 seconds sometimes for over 15)
    -Give up on this parse round, its ruined and decide to start over
    -Wait...wait...wait....still waiting in combat for 3 min, or,
    -Run into house to drop combat
    -Exit house after waiting a random amount of time to drop combat
    -None of your effing housing items are there, your dummy has magically vanished
    -Good news is you're no longer in combat, congrats
    -Now to figure out where your dummy is...which kicks off a whole new list of to-do to un-bug your housing.

    HONESTLY this so frustrating.

    Normally I'd say just waiting, or entering/exiting house would be fine. But currently with the state of the game, lag is a constant feature and we need some way to tell the dummy to just stop, so we can start over. I spend more time re-setting the dang thing because of lag spikes than I actually do parsing.

    Id be forever grateful,

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    Dear reader, I tend to edit my posts A LOT, sorry. Please don't be hasty, thank you!

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    Click on training dummy. You can get dialog with different options:

    Enable training dummy for 3 min
    Enable training dummy for 5 min
    Enable training dummy for 7 min
    Enable training dummy for 10 min
    Exit training dummy

    This is so easy to make it, maybe devs never use them, so they don't come up with such idea




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