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    Bring back Lifetime subscriptions

    A way for SSG to make some money is bring back the lifetime subscription offer. It will bring an influx of money most likely more then they currently make from subscriptions alone.

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    As much as I would love this so I can buy a second one, it's just never gonna happen. 100% positive about this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidmeetHal View Post
    As much as I would love this so I can buy a second one, it's just never gonna happen. 100% positive about this.
    Yup. It was arguably the best deal in MMO history, and if Turbine had to do it over again they would almost certainly have handled the desire for an influx of $ differently. I don't think there's a chance. And to be honest, if they crank out incredible cosmetics, steeds, etc and put them in the store, that's a better alternative to have the same influx affect. They left a lot of money on the table offering lifetime. But no doubt it helped the game at the time, and it was great for those who bought it.

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    If they were to do that, eventually they would have to make up the loss of reoccurring charges that they would have gotten from all of those subscribers that switched to lifetime subscribers. That would not be good for the long term health of the game for all of us.

    In other words, it would be great for those who grab it at first, but over time, you would see more and more things being added as extra charges to make up for that lost reoccurring source of funds.

    We already see this from in the current system where we are paying for a handful of slots of Inventory, Shared Inventory, and Wardrobe space. They have to make up the money somewhere. Let's not add on to the amount they need to make up for if at all possible.
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