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    Deed Log: Add a Separate Header for Delvings

    The problem is well outlined in this thread: Having Delving Deeds located in the Regional Header of the Deed Log (in a low-level starting area, no less) is very discouraging for completionist players. Not only are those deeds only advanced at level cap, not only are the requirements quite frankly insane (currently you need to finish 2100 Delvings total), but the Upper Tier ones are so hard, they legitimately qualify as end-game content. This means that completing them is out of the questions for casual players and requires an unreasonable time investment (unheard of for any previous deeds) for others. Furthermore, those who can finish harder Delvings will do so for better rewards: who in their right mind will run 100 T3 Delvings when there is a daily limit and better rewards are available at no big difficulty increase?

    Cleaning up the Deed Log, at least its bottom half where the Solo Deeds are found, is a form of gameplay in itself, one that many players enjoy. Being unable to clear a tab because of above restrictions actually tarnishes the enjoyment by making the ultimate goal unachievable. Other long time-sink deeds such as 250 Herbalist Quests in March of the King or Mordor Allegiance Deeds can still be done by a solo player with a casual approach, but not the Delving ones. For comparison, Deeds for killing 500 Roving Threats (also an immense time requirement and not possible solo at the time) are not on the regional tabs, but elsewhere.

    The solution should be: Move the Delving Deeds onto a separate sub-header at the top, in the group content where it belongs. You can add a new Header next to the Skirmishes/Instances/PVP Headers, where other deeds that require well-geared groups, unreasonable time investment and can only be done at level cap are found. (Making those deeds completable again is another topic.)

    Additional request: If you decide to bless us with this, please take some time to move other Group Instance Deeds out of the Regional Tabs as well. Specifically, The Fall of Khazad-dum from Azanulbizar, Askâd-mazal from Wells of Langflood and The Depths of Kidzul-kâlah from Vales of Anduin. We understand you didn't want to add a new Instance tab for regions where there is only one, but Tier 5 raid on a regional tab, really? You can add a new tab page for Instances called "Northern Strongholds" in between Grey Mountains and War of Three Peaks, all three of those instance deeds could fit in there. After all, multiple new Eriador instances just went on the old Shadows of Angmar tab, making it disproportionally over-populated already. Finally, I would ask to move Collection Deeds from the Race & Social tab to the "Collections" tab under Hobbies header: it is quite frustrating when mounting Thorin's Hall Goat - a simple reputation reward from a starting area, one that's essential for new characters going into Moria. starts a deed that cannot be finished without Spending Mithril Coins on otherwise unavailable Festival steeds.

    On a related note, you also are running out of space in the Deed Log to put the new tab markers on, so you can either just made the Deel Log like 20% wider while maintaining the font size, or reorganize the current tab and marker entirely (which is more difficult and less effective, admittedly).

    To sum it up, the Deed system has been an important gameplay activity for thousands of players and keepin it orderly and organized is important. It used to do well at separating Deeds doable solo from those that require groups, thus allowing players to focus on clearing one, both or neither. But mixing Group deeds in the traditionally Solo sections prevents 100% completion, those erasing the motivation of doing the activities in the first place. This change should not be too difficult to implement, is it?
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