Hello Friends!!

The Shire is awakening and Spring is in the air, the weather is warming, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. Tis the time to plant new crops. Pipeweed farmers are most busy these days. In celebration of such superb occurring's; it is also time for MUDDY FOOT DAY once again!!

This annual Crickhollow celebration of pipeweed and ale will happen once again in the Shire on April 20th at the South Field in Michel Delving (35.0S x 75.0W). This year will be the 9th Annual celebration! The founder of this celebration those many years ago was a most excellent Hobbit and distinguished pipeweed champion Dagorfast; who passed the stewardship of this event onto Kenghis (Mardi Gras Party Band) and Rosemarinie (Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band). They have pledged solemnly to preserve the grandeur of the celebration to the best of their ability. Muddy Foot Day is about getting together and having a great time and celebrating all that is great about the Shire. This year we are happy to have members of our community join us as performers, guests, brewers and pipeweed farmers.

Festivities will kick off at 5:00 PM (server time), and our last band will take the end of the field at around 10pm (server time). Our line-up is a mix of returning friends and new ones.

Opening the Party:
5:00 – Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band
6:00 – Flutterbye's
7:00 –Indigo Hobbettes
8:00 – Sisters of Moonlight
9:00- Wee Free Banshees
10:00 – Mushroom Stew
Closing the party:
11:00 – Mardi Gras Party Band

And some lucky guest will receive a Muddy Foot Party Pack.

All fair folk of Middle-Earth are welcome to join us for another year of celebrating the pipeweeds and ales of the Shire. Can't wait to see you there!