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Who Me?

If your referring to my referring to LUA as being having a C language flavor, to me it looked a lot like the flow of C in a bash like shell scripting layout. For me one look and I could figure out the flow of the code, but I do not program addons I just occasionally feel need to fix something and it was easy to figure a lot of it out.

I was also simply answering the question about whether indentations were needed, in that sense I was showing just like C white space was not needed but was there to make code readable.

I have to laugh at being referred to as a script kiddie, I began programming back in 1981 with applesoft/commodore pet basic, the IBM PC did not exist for me yet. I got my start in C with Borland C 1.0 probably about mid 80's and at school no one was teaching anything but basic or pascal.

So I predate script kiddies by a long shot, predate certifications by a long shot but I guess that just makes me old by a long shot. hehe :-)
Like I said, I was merely curious - I'm not the type to make assumptions. At any rate, thanks for the clarification on what you meant - as I was having trouble figuring out how Lua could be like C.