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Discussion: A returning Hobbit

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    juin 2011

    A returning Hobbit

    My my, its been a while since I actually posted in these forums, indeed since I was active ingame but you cant really keep a good hobbit down albeit a little older but still a terrible typist.

    So ye Im coming back after four years on and off whilst doing undergraduate then postgraduate studies, unfortunatly Bounders of The West Farthing (who would have been 7 years old this september) changed in the times since I was away merging with her sister Friends of the West Farthing and the Repair Bill Project but we carry the memory and the feel in Bounder Inc.

    So here's to Gilrain, Heres to all those I have met in my travels that still plod along and heres to those of you I will meet in the months to come.

    May the naked hobbit army weilding frying pans decend on Ettenmores one day in the furture :P

    (ex)Founder and leader of Bounders Of The West Farthing Hobbit only kin 01/09/07 - 24/02/12

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    juin 2011
    Welcome back Good to see some of our "old" players return
    Isquariel ~ lvl 105 Rune-keeper / Ithilielle ~ lvl 105 Minstrel

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    juin 2011
    Welcome back

    Gilrain is going from strength to strength in player togetherness
    "I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass."
    Officer in the Elders kinship -
    We have left the wandering spark (Gilrain) to find the Song of Gold (Laurelin)...



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