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Discussion: Server Transfers

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    octobre 2010

    Server Transfers

    G'day folks,

    Firstly, a thank you to everyone that creates these plugins and for those that offer technical advice in these threads, your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

    I'm curious to know if transfering servers will affect any of the most common plugins. I've noticed within buffbars a folder with Imladris in the title, could this cause some kind of conflict when I transfer in the future?


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    juin 2011
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    Generally the only issue is going to be that people will have to move their server-specific settings files. For example, if you're moving from Imladris to Arkenstone, you will need to rename your
    Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/PluginData/accountname/Imladris

    folder and call it
    Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/PluginData/accountname/Arkenstone

    Other than that, there should be no impact on any plugins.

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    août 2010
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    Note if you already have a folder with the name of your destination server, you'd want to copy the contents of your old folder into the new server's folder.

    If you have a character renamed, you'd want to go into the server's folder and rename the character's folder appropriately.
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