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    octobre 2012

    Exclamation Lotro Interface Plugins was Hacked

    I try to Visit Today Lotro Interface

    I have no Account there, i use also Compendium.

    Than i beacame this Message:

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    No reason was specified.

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never
    My Friends was also all Banned, nobody have entry to this Site, and the Plugin Manager Compendium was also Down.
    Lotro since 2007

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    février 2012
    This is so sad to hear. I hope they will manage to get everything back.

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    mars 2007
    1 590
    There does appear to have been a problem at early this morning but they have been working on it. I am currently able to access just fine, but you may have to give them some more time if you are still not able to access it. Given that this happened while they were performing maintenance, it looks like a poorly worded error message rather than anything being hacked.
    Dernière modification par Garan ; 08/06/2022 à 07h39.

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    octobre 2013
    3 467
    Seems to be ok now... I am a bit concerned of this file though... maybe part of an ad framework somehow...

    I just wish they posted about the site status...
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    septembre 2010
    I cant remember the time when i met this problem too, should be like this April or May, compendium not working either.

    Now all good. Guess there was something happened and solved.
    Between Heaven and Earth goes the path of the Moon
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    juin 2011
    This has happened again today.

    Was working fine last night but not today
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    juillet 2020
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    The website is not affiliated with SSG. If you are having a problem logging into your account or experiencing some other problem with their website, you can contact the site administrators here:

    If you are unable to load the contact page, there is a problem on your end related to your computer or local network.



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