Welcome to Lua UI scripting in LOTRO! To get you started, we have some handy resources for you.

First, for those of you that wish to familiarize yourself with the system to create scripts of your own, we have our complete API documentation in a series of HTML pages including all currently available functionality and code example snippets. For now, the API is in 7-zip format and is available for download here. Once you have unzipped it, open the folder and open index.html to get started. We will hopefully get this hosted as part of our websites soon.

Second, we have some basic example scripts that players can use as examples for writing their own scripts or to use to get a feel for what Lua is capable of in our UI. These examples are in 7-zip format and available for download here. You'll want to unzip the file into your "My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online" folder.

Please note: these files had to be packaged in .7z format. Many unzip tools support this file format. If yours does not (or if you need an unzipping program) download 7zip. It is a free unzipping program that supports this format.