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    Tenacity Folk of Middle Earth


    Tenacity Folk of Middle Earth, We are a creative, friendly, and helpful community. We have tons of active members. We are a polite and courteous kinship, and we help each other out all the time. We even have our own website.

    We are a developing kinship, we started September 27th of 2010, but we are the best because we listen to our members, and we implement ideas according to what the kinship as a whole decides. People are saying that it’s the best kin they’ve ever been in.

    We encourage new ideas. We currently have over 320+ members total, and always have at least 3 members online, even during the night. But on average we have over 20 members online. The only rules are, just don’t be mean or crude or say anything rude.
    We have developed strong friendships, we always help eachother out, and laugh and have fun.

    And let me tell you this, no other kinship has as many people online all the time than we do.

    We are a helpful, friendly kinship, and we always have people online.

    Please visit our website at: http://creativefellowship.forumotion.net/

    I am the Founder of this kinship.
    Meneldor, the best server ever.


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    Cool Re: Tenacity Folk of Middle Earth

    I just joined this Kinship, and let me tell you, its better than sliced bread!

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    Re: Tenacity Folk of Middle Earth

    good bunch of people if you are getting started in-game...good luck with your kin guys!
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    Re: Tenacity Folk of Middle Earth

    If anyone does have any questions about the kin, I am online fairly often (read - too much! lol) and would be happy to answer any questions.

    One thing to note - we are a FAMILY FRIENDLY kin. Cussing/crude talk etc is not allowed in chat, and I take integrity pretty seriously. Our guys are incredibly generous and giving, and I have no desire for anyone who doesn't show character to be in the kin. There is a person behind every toon, and we need to respect that.

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    Still going strong on Arkenstone! Look us up!



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