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    twitch steam lotro

    Its pretty hard to find lotro streams where people can hang out watch someone play and just chat about the game so I thought I would share this stream I fount on twitch.tv . He streams other games as well like starwars and a few other random games but streams a fairly good amount of lotro as well. If anyone wants to check it out go to http://www.twitch.tv/hierophantmg

    - he usually starts streaming between 8 and 11 pm eastern time and streams all night, so if your interested just follow his stream and I'll see you there

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    Hey thanks for this..you can pick up alot by watching other players and how they go about business.
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    He's streaming lotro right now if anyone's interested in watching or just hanging in the chat.

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    Just combing through streaming forums and found this one.

    I stream daily between the hours of 9pm-2am EST.

    Come hang out!

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    So is anyone else streaming nowadays?

    I always see youtube videos put up, but is anyone doing a weekly twitch, or planning on it?

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    Post Some Regular LotRO Streamers

    I've done a bit of streaming (Twitch link in sig), and hope to get into regular streams come 2015. A lot of that depends on real-life, though...

    Another fairly regular streamer is FAZZAMJF, streaming from Sweden; I'll hop in and hang in chat every now and again. Arathaert just did a chicken run stream and has plans to do some regular streaming; he also hosts a lot of LotRO streamers.

    Also keep an eye on the LOTRO Streamers team on Twitch; Frelorn has been trying to set up a "dedicated" (for lack of better word) list of regular LotRO streamers. This is itself still a work in progress, but should be interesting to watch unfold.
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    Just found this thread! Thanks for the shoutout Grey

    I do stream LOTRO 3x a week - stop by me channel any time and odds are there'll be someone in there to hang out with

    I also do host a bunch of other LOTRO streamers, so if you wanna see who else is playing, you can use my stream as kind of a portal to find other ones.

    And yes - the Stream team is a thing!

    Hope to see y'all in chat!
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    I recently started to stream LOTRO as well. Had to wait for a new computer to actually manage the streams etc.

    I stream on a daily basis mostly in the evenings when the kids are asleep.

    Still new to this so have to make my channel abit nicer as well but should be done pretty soon.

    You can follow me on: www.twitch.tv/sitaprutske

    The more people we can get to stream the better. You don't see alot of active steamers around for LOTRO these days anymore.

    I try to stream not only LOTRO but also other games. Recently i've done a CBT of Skyforge as well.

    Hope to cya all soon.

    Best Regards


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    You can now follow me on twitter and facebook as well:

    Twitter @sitaprutske

    Facebook @sitaprutske

    Keep up the good work
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    The Supreme Art Of War Is To Subdue The Enemy Without Fighting.

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    Monday 4th of May, U16 live on servers Ashes of Osgiliath. Stream will be up when update hits the servers.

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