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Thread: Mellyn Erthad

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    Mellyn Erthad (Instance/Raid group)

    Dont know where else to post this so will put it here

    Want to raid and go to more instances? Don't want to leave your kin or don't want to be in a big kin? then sign up on my site, weekly end game raids and instances. All groups will be done on a class by class basis not based on sign-up order, so everyone should get a chance.

    The plan is to be able to clear all end game content and offer an alternate to using global channel. We have our own vent/forum for organized events so sign up if you would like to join

    Either sign up on the site or contact me in-game for more info.


    Characters: Amgos, Elliee, Gornthalion or Tickly

    P.S. This is not a kin advertisement, just a instance/raid group.
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    Dunno how active peeps are on these forums these days, but just bumping this incase anyone is intersted.

    Currently looking for a couple more active peeps for T2 raids, currently working our way through T2 raids, completing a few challenges along the way aswell. Mainly working on BG, Erebor and OD.

    If anyone is interested, then PM me in game and we can talk more about it.
    Retired from EM until things are kinda balanced again



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