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    People I want to Thank

    so kinda done playing on dwarrow, not done playing lotr. just on this server. lately been playing my burg on imladris and sometimes I come on my reaver, lately I have been coming on reaver to do 1v1s with zepp and make vids. anyway I want to make a list of people who I should thank for making this server an experience for me. so yea

    Welthrop: dude I could write for hours about u, we were like best buds back in RoR, we would link each other dope songs. and when u introduced me to Mobb Deep, it was one of the best things anyone has done for me. honestly man I cant thank u enough for that. they are all I pretty much listen to now and Ive discovered other dope rap groups like wu tang clan, nas and others all because u showed me mobb deep. honestly dude I miss back when we were like brothers and made fun of people and trolled people together. idk what happened man, we kinda just stopped talking ever since u joined asylum. I miss ceaseless days so much. and I would always look up to U for anything, u gave me so much life advice which I appreciate. if I was to meet anyone in real life from this game it would be u dude u honestly seem like one of the chillest people ever. and I heard ur done playing the game for good, that sucks. anyway dude what ever ur doing in life u got my blessings cuz ur one of the coolest people ive met in game

    Jonp: jonp, dude same with u. next to welth u would probably be one of my other best friends on this game. hearing u rage in vent was music to my ears. and I miss ceaseless when we would duo in moors and wreck face. and u aren't playing as much now cuz ur in the military or whatever and that's lame. wish we could go back to ceaseless days with me u and welth and mal and atas brother. best memories ive had from this game ever. ur like a brother to me dude and I mean that.

    Mal: ur like one of the nicest guys ive ever met on this game. u were like the best hunter for the time u played. ur like the easiest guy to talk to and I was always so excited to see u in vent when I logged on.

    Kraum: u have like the best accent ever haha. and I miss when we would raid in ceaseless and u would rage at people cuz their fail toaster computer would crash. and at the end of RoR we would duo when u were on ur lm and it would be me and u vs. like 12 creeps and they couldn't kill us. hahah good times man, and I heard u got health probs. stay healthy bruh

    damallon: ive known u since I was like level 12 on my cappy and ur a super nice/caring guy. I remember when I leveled my cappy I would always look up to u and tez and zein and squid for advice. I honestly wish I could go back to being a noob cappy and having good times in CD then being pro and having a fail ego and everyone hating me, but it is wat it is. anyways dude cheers

    rii: babe, once again I miss when we were in ceaseless and me u and welth would talk for like hours in vent. we live like 3 hours from each other and if u still wanna hmu I can take u out for a movie er something anyway uve helped me out with tough probs ive had in life and I cant thank you enough. and im pretty sure I still ur number in my phone lul

    elldoro: known ya since RoI and ur a super chill dude. funny AF to text haha. good luck in ur fail freestyle wrestling bruh

    guido: bruh

    anyways yea that's the lump some of people I want to thank for making this game pro for me.
    peace out

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    u still cant do nolliedoublebladetoss

    farewell brumpton

    maybe one day when u log i ill be zergin freeps with overlord title

    still have voice of 13 years old bieber?
    shadddddup brompton!


    everyone loves ceaseless time, it was great time playing with all those good people...lyth, norfypoo, kraum, ak, pat, slyde, beth, atador, mal ohnsnapps ghankers zulubastardo and rest...miss you guys much.
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    Justin you better log in and say hai a lot. You were on creep yesterday when i logged in but i guess you were gettin off :/

    I must agree though, you're probably my best friend in this game besides Mal and Welth and Pat and Zepp. I wouldn't trade you guys for anything in this game. I think it's safe to say that anyone who was back in Ceaseless misses those days, those were some f*ckin fun times. I'm also sorry about not being online consistently. Being in the military does make it tough for me to be online sometimes but as of recently it was just a combo of a bunch of #### lol. But from now on i will be online consistently, so logon to creep and we can f*ck sh*t up bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guitarguy12410 View Post
    you're probably my best friend in this game besides Mal and Welth and Pat and Zepp.
    jonp pls.

    you are bad at lux btw
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chocla View Post
    you are bad at lux btw
    I haven't played league in soooo long lol
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    Brom, i'm back.

    Between 5/6pm - 7/8pm gmt -4 you can find me in-game.

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    Well little mister bromton Lmao I was scrolling through the threads and I saw this and said hmmm bet he mentions me anyways bruh should come mess around I'll be back sooner than later ????????????.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YOUNGGUIDO View Post
    Well little mister bromton Lmao I was scrolling through the threads and I saw this and said hmmm bet he mentions me anyways bruh should come mess around I'll be back sooner than later ????????????.
    What's a Guido, Precious?? :O
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