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    The Defenders of Ered Luin is recruiting!

    The Defenders of Ered Luin is a small, close-knit level 10 kinship. We were founded by four friends who enjoy exploring Middle-Earth and supporting each other. We focus primarily on crafting, fellow-shipping, and mutual aid. We are here to have fun and help each other out.

    We are a moderate role-playing kinship. We do not believe in “mains” and “alts”. We treat each character as an individual, with unique personalities and goals. Unlike many kinships, we do not require all your characters to join.

    We are a no-drama kinship for mature players. We do not have an age restriction because we realize maturity does not go hand-and-hand with age. That said, we have no tolerance for players who bully, harass, or grief other players.

    We are not end-game, power-level, or PvP players. We chose instead to explore the many regions of Middle-Earth at our own pace, taking time to enjoy the wonderful world Turbine has created and the rich story lines they have provided. This does not mean we are uninterested in raids and instances. Quite the contrary. We enjoy skirmishes and, as our kinship grows, we look forward to exploring other group-oriented content.

    We are looking for recruits who are interested in adventuring, crafting, and having a good time. If you would like to join us, please visit our website and follow the instructions provided in the "Applying for Membership" section on our home page.

    We look forward to hearing with you!
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