Servants of the King is a rank 10 kinship based on Meneldor server we mostly focus on helping people complete deeds, gear up, complete runs that they have trouble finding people for.

Right now we're in the middle of our Pelegir BB 6 man season, running daily 6 mans for low ranked and scaled players to get in on the action and learn the quest flow of the instance.

While founded as a christian kinship (by a group which have been together on other games since 2005) we accept people of all beliefs as long as they are willing to respect ours.

We have members of all levels of experience, walks of life, nationalities and beliefs (or lack of beliefs).

So if you enjoy helping others or could use a little help yourself feel free to look us up, regardless if you wish to join kin or not, we always happy to lend a hand!

Best point of contact in game is to mail Bromwyneth (my main) or send a tell if you see me online

Our multi game website :