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    Tactical Carnage is seeking friends

    Several members of Tactical Carnage are looking to expand their friends list.

    We are looking for players who are primarily on between 9:00 PM and 2:00 AM Eastern Time (/servertime) who are interested in completing instances, are appropriately geared, and don't mind downloading Teamspeak to at least hear any instructions.

    We generally focus on T2c 6 mans and T3 Skirm Raids on a nightly basis just for the fun of it even though at this time there is absolutely no benefit in doing so. Anything else is easily undermanned and/or PUG-able.

    Appropriately geared is a relative term, but we are looking for toons that have near maximum mitigation with scrolls, around 40%-50% Critical Defense, and 17,000 morale before buffs. Full essence gear is NOT required as there is more than one way to meet these requirements.

    Please send a tell or in-game mail to Unglorvien, Gmakeno, or one of our various other toons to get things started.

    Hope to see you out there.


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    I'd definitely be interested. I need to tweak my armor to get a bit more morale, but count me in. I can bring a hunter or a mini as needed.
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    Thumbs up

    Been sick/busy last few weeks but you can count on me when I'm back on


    Permanently retired. Was Kibilturg, Guardian of Imladris (then Landroval & Crickhollow) and ~40 alts.



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