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    Welcoming Celebrations

    Hello Vilya!

    If Vilya survives the cuts and we are fortunate enough to welcome the arrival of new players to our server rather than see our community disperse, I think we should have periodic Welcoming Parties after new servers reach their transfer periods and move here.

    It may take some effort to organize, but Vilya's community is strong and should be able to manage having some parties in perhaps MD, Bree or the Party Tree to celebrate their arrival and make them feel at home. This thread or forum could serve as a planning point. Imagine having huge gatherings on our server like we haven't seen in years!!

    This could also serve as a recruitment tool for those 'transferees' who come over alone and are looking for a kin.

    If we are being closed down, I'm hopeful that other servers will be as welcoming as we could have been.

    -Anxiously awaiting the server announcement-
    Lydiawulf - Friends of Frodo

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    I'm sorry that Vilya didn't make it through. I always appreciated your community and particularly your kinship, Lydiawulf.

    We've been crossing our fingers that Crickhollow would be saved. Now that we'll still be around next year, I can go ahead and invite you all to join us for a couple of the events we've planned on our server, whether or not you end up making your new home on Crickhollow.

    Shirefest is coming on August 14th-17th. It's a four day festival with music, storytelling, poetry, dance, acting, and more. It's taken on new meaning because several of our performers come from servers that will be closed. We decided to make it a celebration of the server homes many will be leaving and a place to make new friends from the servers that will remain, as we will also have many performers from Landroval, Laurelin, and Brandywine who will be glad to let you know how to make a new home on their servers. It will be a celebration of keeping the old memories alive while we all forge new ones together. We're inviting individual and small group performers to play a song or tell a story in memory of the retired servers, and I hope we can bring some Vilyans on to the stage. I don't want to take up time on your thread making an advertisement for our event, but I hope you'll find out more at tinyurl.com/shirefest and sign up on the website if you'd like to perform.

    We're having a general serverwide party/welcome on the weekend of September 11th-14th. We have no idea what contests and competitions we'll be doing because we only found out we would survive a few hours ago, but I know our community looks forward to making any new members feel welcome. Whether you're coming as a kinship, transferring as an individual, or just making a character for the day you're welcome to join in on all the festivities. We'll also be holding our usual Halloween and Yule celebrations later on this year in addition to our three regular weekly events, so the party doesn't end. Please feel free to contact Rosalie or Second Breakfast if you need any assistance on Crickhollow.

    Best of luck to you all as you decide where to move your kins and characters. There's something wonderful on every server and I hope you all find the right one for you. /toast to Vilya!
    Rosalie from Crickhollow's Second Breakfast
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    Visit secondbreakfast.guildlaunch.co m & crickhollowmusic.guildlaunch.c om
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    Our weekly events--Fridays 9pm: Bread & Jam at the Prancing Pony
    Saturdays 1pm: Breakfast Club plays at Bree-town's South Gate
    Sundays at 11am and Mondays at 11pm: Elevenses at the Bird & Baby
    Sundays at 6pm: Roving Threats Tour
    Wednesdays at 8pm: Tunes & Ales around Eriador
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Find out about the kinships of Crickhollow at crickhollowkins.tumblr.com
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