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    How long has Windfola been your home?

    Made my first toon here back in late 2008. How long has everyone been here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frybert View Post
    Made my first toon here back in late 2008. How long has everyone been here?
    I've been on Windfola as my primary server the entire time that LOTRO has been live, so I guess that makes it April of 2007? Can't remember if I was in beta or not. If so, it was only in the later stages.

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    Since I joined in Feb 2011. I have had a bad habit of deleting my characters every so often due to frustration/anxiety/my mental health is not always the best, so right now I've only got two current characters. But no matter how long I took a break, I always came back to Windfola. I'll miss the place.
    Not all who wander are lost

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    Joined Lotro in open beta, bounced around for a bit but settled on Windy as my home in May '07.
    Nanci - 115 Captain / Hirandiel - 115 Hunter / Hildimar - 115 Minstrel - "Weekend at Bill Ferny's" - Arkenstone (formerly of Windfola)
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    Rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond, call me what you will

    I have been on Windfola since I started playing in July 2007. I have had good times on the server but it is just hardware and a name; my Kin is home. Wherever they go is my new home. If the merge results in our dissolution, then as the song goes, where I lay my head is home.
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    I've been on Windfola for five years. Well, technically 3, since 2 of those years were spent with my previous gaming pc dead, and using a 8+ year old laptop. I love Windfola and hold many dear memories with it.

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    I've been on Windfola since the very beginning. I remember choosing the server for two reasons: 1) it was towards the end of the alphabet and 2)the name sounded kinda "wimpy". I therefore hoped it would be a low population server.

    Founded my first character (Broogen) and my kinship (Valacirca) on 31 Mar 2007. That was "opening day". I am still around after having created one of the "top 100 oldest kinships on Windfola". An interesting bit of trivia for me there, since my kinship has been reduced to just myself and my wife, playing with what little free time we have while raising a family in real life.

    It's a bit sad to be leaving this server, considering that I have enjoyed the feel of it and generally liked most of the other players.

    Broogen (and Hollman/Elawien/Ungolatter, etc...)

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    First week of May, 2007.

    My brother convinced me to join him. I was reluctant to play an RPGMMO. The fact it was was Middle Earth made me decide to join him. I would have been in opening week, but had to build a new PC to play.

    It was just the two pf us for a few months. We were happy when we figured out we could create multiple characters and form our own Kinship. Doyle's Tavern Guild. We then had a local friend and his son join us. We meet some of Broogen's kin and would group with them a lot. Valindil (Rikki) mostly.

    Had about a dozen others come and go in the kin over the years. Right now only four of us play regular. Two others play part time.

    I was struggling to find a reason to play my main, Toramato lvl 100 Guardian, through the newest story line when they announced the closings. That news took the Windy out of my sails for a bit. I'm starting to get back into him. I think me not tanking affected some of my kin and led them to stop playing. I need to reverse that.

    Anyway. I have met lots of players here. Very few I didn't like. A majority of whom were very helpful and friendly. More so than I usually am.

    My favorite memory of how great a community our Windy had was during the first Summer Festival when they first introduced the Bree Horse Racing. Everyone on Windy would line up and wait their turn to race. A neat line running back up the hill. Very polite and courteous. Almost all the other servers had a mess of it with player stealing saddles and dog-piling the NPC to keep others from racing. But not Windy.

    I will miss Windfola very much.

    current leader of Doyle's Tavern
    (Gunbar, Rumblo, Eiver, Haldigar, Toranoga, and a few more)
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    I haven't been playing that long, almost three years now... But I'll miss Windfola.
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    Been on Windfola since open beta so 8 years running. gona miss all the friends i made on this server been through alot and learned alot at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mezla View Post
    I have been on Windfola since I started playing in July 2007. I have had good times on the server but it is just hardware and a name; my Kin is home. Wherever they go is my new home. If the merge results in our dissolution, then as the song goes, where I lay my head is home.
    Great attitude!

    I've been here since launch day (Brandywine during beta of course). I don't mind the switch, but I will mind losing my character names! Those were snagged on day one on every other server, since they're combinations of the suggested prefixes and suffixes on the char creation page. Goodbye Giladir and Feralir.
    Favorite quest name: Lost Caws

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    I've been on Windfola since launch.

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    LOTRO was my first MMORPG. I fell in love with the game when I first started playing 6 years ago. I have gone to other games but always came back to Lotro. I remember thinking that paying $200.00 for a lifetime account was insane, so I asked for it for Christmas and my family got it for me. I will miss Windy and the people I have had the pleasure to hang out with. I remember when you had to be like level 35 to get a horse. The festival horse riding race was fun because they would announce the name of the winner on a world alert so that everyone could see the winner, hmmm, maybe it was just people in Bree who could see it. Kin names were so funny. Some of my favorites: Carn Dum Swim Team, Bree Stooges, and Archet Fire Dept., oh and weekend at Bill Ferneys---wonder whatever happened to Lu---great rk.

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    Since beta! Im going to miss this server

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    I started playing LoTRO during the first month of the closed beta on Brandywine since they only had the 2 beta servers then. Can't remember if I switched to Windfola during the open beta (if that was when the server launched) or right when the game launched but I was on Windfola day 1. Started a Captain named Whiskir! Explored every area up till Gondor with him on Windfola and joined many kinships that have come and gone over the years.

    Was sad to see the server close Windfola had the best gaming community I'v ever seen in any game.

    Now Whiskir has transferred over to Arkenstone with the rest of my alts but I can't seem to get back into the game anymore.

    Also, now he proudly titles himself Whiskir of Windfola



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